Thursday, June 29, 2006

I've survived!

I've survived and I'm home now recuperating. Got to keep my legs elevated until tomorrow and then after that I can start walking about.

The staff at Khadara Hospital took very good care of me during my stay. I had lots of nice visitors, friends, students and my kids and husband of course . . . . hmmm . . . no in-laws showed up, but I didn't expect they would anyway. I got some beautiful flowers from my students and a friend gave me a nightgown with a matching bathrobe that is made from the softest cotton. It's almost too pretty to wear!

Thanks to all for the messages and comments. I should be back to work on Sunday or Monday.


  1. Alhumdulillaah you are well and recovering. Why didn't your in-laws visit you? Is it because you are a non-Libyan *jaw drops in astonishment*...I are a wonderful person Khadijateri.

  2. wishing you speedy recovery Inshallah.

  3. hope everything is ok ,, you should take good rest today and don`t do any hard work ,, it is very important to do so ,, by the way i`m not a MD but i`m a dentist and some information i would have..
    get well soon ,, we are waiting for you!!
    Dania`s mother

  4. Get well soon inshallah.
    And what - no in-laws visiting???

    Maybe they´ll come once you´re home again. It is a Libyan custom to visit family when they are sick, including in-laws, so hopefully they´ll come.

  5. wish you quick recovery and take care of yourself, we are all proud of your efforts.

  6. What a great spirit you have Teri! Isn't it nice to get such nice feminine things for a gift? Wear them, wear them, wear them, just for you!!!!!!!!! Glad you are being pampered, by hubby and kids... Sandi

  7. Dear sister Khadija: I'm glad that you're well, out of the hospital and back to your beloved family. Have a very pleasant speedy recovery. Waiting to hear from soon again.

  8. Get well soon KhadijaTeri, I love your blog to bits. Don't worry about the in-laws , if their visit is not from the heart they are not even worth thinking about. I can swap stories you know. Probably will one day. In the meantime - relax and enjoy the pampering. big hug . Violet

  9. I've had some in-laws drop in - they stayed long enough to have a glass of Pepsia nd then they made a quick exit. I could care less if they show up or not, but I know that it hurts my husband's feelings that they treat me as a non-person all the time. I don't like for him to be hurt.

  10. Hamdillah 3ala 'slama, glad to see you back ...

  11. Alhmdullilah you are fine, take good care of yourself. We really did miss you alot, and we're all waiting for your new posts..

  12. Glad to se you're doing well.
    May you have a fast recovery.
    Sorry about your in-laws who don't deseve you( sorry for being so blunt ). As for your husband it's about time he got used to the idea.The only thing that you can't ask for in life is to be loved.Anyway dearest you have us (the whole blogsphere) what do you need your in-laws for ???
    All the best


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