Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot water!

This morning I threw a load of laundry into the washing machine, added soap and turned it on. When the wash finished I opened the door to the washing machine and put my hand in to pull the clothes out and touched scorching hot, wet laundry.

Yikes! Summer is definitely here! There's boiling hot water coming straight from the tap - no need to bother with the water heater for the next few months. I've had the air conditioner running and didn't notice how hot it was outside. Now I'm hoping that none of my skirts have shrunk. If they have shrunk I will just be forced into losing more weight.


  1. Well, if u need colder water from the tap in the summer u got to turn on the hot tap...!!??? nice paradox (or is it irony?)
    U know the libyan joke about contradictions:
    we call Black Coal Biyad (white)
    we call a blind man Baseer (able to see)
    we pronounce tripoli Trab-Less (Trab = Sand)
    and ...

    keep on blogging
    i have several tech, social and satirical (critical) blogs
    if u r interested i will send u my urls

  2. hated that while living in our villa. To wash the kids I would have to run bath water and let it sit until it was cool enough. Laundry early in the morning, showers in the middle of the night.

    now on a compound we don't deal w/ it as much. And I'll never understand why in the world tanks go on the roofs.. like hello.. no wonder its hot!!

  3. Come on, guys, you should have a positive attitude about things!

    I dunno how long sis K. has been living in Libya, but I remember when I was young(er)and everything tasted salt; the juice, the tea, the coffe and of course the water - a salty taste in everything, at least in the Tripoli area and very much in Benghasi.

    I haven´t been in Libya for some years now but I remember very vividly the last time I was; the water didn´t taste salty anymore!

    Progress moves slowly, but it moves - look upon it this way; 1) you have water and 2) it´s not salty. Next stage: cold water!


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