Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yesterday was number one son, Adam's birthday. Hard to believe that I have a 17 year old son. Adam is too big to give birthday spankings to so we just had to be happy with singing him 'Happy Birthday!'. Adam's pretty tall. The last time he allowed me to measure him he was 6 foot 2 and a half. He's taller than that now but when I say to him 'Hey Adam how tall are you? Let's get the measuring tape out and check.' he runs off in the other direction saying 'Bari imshi!' (Go away!).

Adam is at the age where he thinks his parents are so uncool. Yesterday morning I said to him 'Hey Adam, lets go shopping. I'll get you something for your birthday.' He looked at me like I was crazy and said, 'I can't drive around in the car with you. What will the guys in the nieghbourhood think if they see me in the car with my mom? How embarrassing!'

Yusef suggested that if I let Adam drive then he would probably go along with my shopping idea, but Adam still doesn't have his drivers license and I don't like him driving. He does sneak off with the keys and ride around the neighbourhood from time to time, but I had a big fit about this and threatened him with bodily harm if he tries it again with my car. A year from now he'll be able to get a license and then he can nag his father about getting a car of his own.

In the evening I suggested that we go to the bakery and get a cake. But Adam was against the whole idea.'Do you think I am a little kid?' he said. So no cake for Adam. I decided not to get too excited about Adam's lack of interest in celebrating his birthday because Nora's birthday is just over a week away and she wants to have fun. So we will!


  1. How does Mustafa feel about having a son almost 6 inches taller then him?

  2. more than 6 inches taller - he hates it, but I pray everyday that my boys all become as tall as their American Grandpa, and that's 6 foot 4.

    Mustafa says Adam is 'taweel bila ghala'. :)

  3. The son of my best friend is 13 and measures 6 feet. Whenever he comes back to Libya the custom officer thinks he is using a fake passport. Nobody believes he is just 13; they think he is 18 (and he is growing a beard, too!)

  4. Well Teri, congratulations to YOU on your son's 17th birthday! It's not easy when our sons do not want us in their celebrations. They think they are too old.........I think you are gifted to be able to take rejection, as a mother, and focus on the other birthday child. Took me a very long time to do that, and now that I am a grandma 13 times, I can still celebrate birthdays with "my little angels". Happy birthday to Adam. Sandi

  5. ahh the next thing you know, he'll be introducing his girlfriend to you!


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