Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's that time of the year again!

Every year at this time the Queen of the Night cactus that I brought back from my mother's garden in Florida blooms.

The plant itself really isn't much to look at, but the blooms are quite amazing! The plant is long, thin and snakelike and climbs up on any nearby plant or if it's planted in the garden next to a tree it will climb up into it. In June, small fuzzy buds begin to sprout from the sides of the cactus. They become long, about 6 inches or so and then one day, late in the afternoon the flower slowly begins to open. By midnight the flower is in full bloom. I took a picture with my hand holding the base of the flower to give you an idea of its size. For part of the night the flower emits a pleasant but very slight perfume.

By morning the flower has wilted and closed, never to open again. In a few days the spent blossom will fall off the plant. We all enjoy watching this spectacle of nature - even the neighbours come to have a look. It makes me happy to share something from my mom's backyard.


  1. I love the fact you appreciate such beauty and share it with us. This is beautiful, being fragrant too is a plus! I think I may have to go on the search for one. Thank you Sandi

  2. How lovely . I don't remember ever seeing this in Fla. when I lived there , maybe a southern Fla. thing ?Have you ever seen a Pencil Catus before ? They are cool looking , but don't remember whether or not they flower .

  3. khadijaTeri

    Back in 1963, we vsited my in-laws and brought back some cuttings from a wonderful white azealea which grew right outside Anne's windows. They were planted at our home and they grew and thrived. Everytime after that we moved, we took cuttings of that azealea and now have big bushes right outside the windows of my den, which explode every spring in beautiful white blossoms, reminding me of days when Anne was alive and we were young and full of pep and vinegar!

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoyed ours!

    ps I'm back bloggin'!



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