Saturday, June 03, 2006

a lazy Friday afternoon

Yesterday was a lazy day, we went to the farm in the afternoon. The fields have turned brown and are full of stickers and thistles that stick to your clothes when you walk along. The sheep don't seem to mind. [click on the pictures for a larger size]

In the barn was a calf that had been born the day before. He looks like his mother. The kids were argueing over what to name him. I don't think they ever made a decision.

Plums . . .

. . . and peaches! There were also some early figs but my brother-in-law got to them before I did.

Ibrahim spent lots of time chasing grasshoppers while I was marking exam papers. He brought me this itty bitty one.

The kids found a dove's nest and had a look at the babies.

We filled up our drinking water containers - a weekly chore in the winter and bi-weekly, sometimes tri-weekly in the summer.

The neighbour's field was full of bales of hay.

Sara cut the remaining roses.

And finally, the drive home . . . Ain Zarah traffic at sunset. Posted by Picasa


  1. Pretty.

    Five perfect blooms, two blushing, three of captured sunlight.


  2. Last Friday I went to a farm of a friend, but my child didn't like it as they have no animals. He told me: this is not a farm, this is a land!


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