Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another fountain. This area has been restored.

Some courtyards are shady and cool.

Other courtyards are bright and sunny.

In the back part of this picture you can see the top floors of the adjacent museum. Part of this was built when the museum was added.

A window . . .

Another kind of window.

There is an extensive library containing books written in a multitude of languages. Also some of the tables and chairs in the library are antique. The table and chair in this picture dates back to the Turkish period.

Room after room of cataloged books and resource material. For someone like me who loves books, this was pretty close to being heaven!

There are roads inside the castle too.

A door with intricately carved designs.

A doorway and fountain.

Shade and light.

There are various kinds of lights hanging from archways. Now they have electricity in them, but in the days before electriciy they must have had gas, oil or candles in them.

Another light. The sunlight shining through the coloured glass makes the lights glow in the daytime too.

I'll be uploading my pictures to flickr . . . I've reached my limit for this month but check them from time to time to see if I've added more. Posted by Picasa


  1. Khadija... May God bless you, you have an eye of an artist, you are not like many Libyans who are ruined by pessimism and despair, and can't find joy even in the smallest of things. As I see always we need to understand our history to know why we are here now and why we face the world the way we do. Keep it up; I am a fan of yours...

  2. Thanks! Optimism is my middle name! (or at least it should be)

  3. The last shot is super, I missed it.

    Have a nice week-end, I just discovered the 11th won't be holiday, sigh


  4. thank you Khadija for all you do, you really sometimes make me proud to be Libyan, may Allah bless you and your family.

  5. Wow! That is exactly the type of place I would like to spend a vacation in. I love ancient buildings and art. I love the pictures you took.

  6. Thanks Lisa! - You're welcome anytime!

  7. I knew it was a magical place from the very first time I saw it ! There is a book that was witten in 1790-ish by the visiting sister of the then English embassador, named ( maybe, not too sure if this correct or not , have forgotten)" My Life In Libya"? She describes the castele from her many visits to the queen,her daughters, and daughter in laws .Some of things she talks about that take place during those times ( this was during the Grarimaldi's rule)in the castel are pretty grusome and NOT very romantic at all , though .There is a detailed map in the book of the Town ( old City )from that time period . Interesting if you can find the book , I sudjest you read it .


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