Sunday, March 12, 2006

Work is progressing on the house. The tiles are finished in the kitchen and now we need to get the cabinets and countertops designed, made and installed.

Another view of the kitchen with Jenna and Ibrahim. One part of the kitchen will be a work area with the sink below the window. Typical Libyan kitchens have the sink facing the wall - I really hate that. Who wants to look at the wall while they are washing the dishes? The other part of the kitchen will have a seating area.

The verandahs will have this green tile. I have been living for so many years in an apartment upstairs without bars on the windows - living with bars is going to take a while to get used to. You can see the shadow from the bars in this picture.

Aside from the kitchen and the rooms outside the house, the rest of the house will have marble floors. They're almost finished putting in those.

The kids bathroom. Next we'll be working on the plasterwork. Libyan houses have plaster decorative mouldings around the edges of the ceilings. It's called 'jibis'. I'm a jibis minimallist - I hate the stuff, but hubby thinks jibis is just great. I see big fights and arguments in the very near future!

This is Yusef taking his dogs for a walk on the road behind our house. Everything's nice and green. Yusef plans on having about twenty dogs when we move out to the house. I'm not so sure about that! Posted by Picasa


  1. Khadija, you are so lucky to move into the lovely house, alf mabrouk.
    I think your children will take a less strain on you once they live on the farm. The pic with the dogs looks just like it could have been taken in Denmark - I do not remember Libya being so green.

  2. Yes, it looks like you live in a pretty green part of Libya and the house looks like a palace. I think you could fit my whole flat into your kitchen alone! I have been told that there are some nice walks around Tripoli, but I am not sure where.

  3. Safia:Not sure when we are moving in. It has taken forever to get it to this point and it's still al lonng, long way to go.

    We've been blessed with lots of rain this year which is why everything is nice and green.

    Cyberdigger: Not so sure that it's so big, it will be full of people since there's eight of us.

    There's plenty of places to walk around Libya. I try my best to find places that have decent sidewalks - not always scenic routs, but safe ones. :)

  4. Love your kitchen, it's huge. I bet your sink will be facing the garden!

    What's with arabs and dogs?Over here, we're (the muslims) not allowed to keep dogs

  5. KhadijaTeri,
    Mabrouk. I am jeoulous:-)
    My kitchen is so small compared to yours. My husband and I can't even work in the kitchen at the same time...we would drive each other crazy.
    "Over here, we're (the muslims) not allowed to keep dogs "
    Really? and where is that?

  6. Leilouta:


    different does putting on nail polish...that's a no no

  7. Keeping dogs in the house or as a pet is Haram in all Mazhabs. The only time u can keep a dog is if it is used for hunting or for gaurding from risks like thefts.


  8. redenclave- the dogs are guard dogs - they don't come in the house.

    Leilouta - my husband would drive me crazy in the kitchen even if it were the size of Texas! lol

  9. Hi Khadija, shall I understand there is a reason for not seing dogs around in Tripoli? I searched mazhab in internet but it didn't clarify anything on the argument and I was wondering if you could. Thanks a lot

  10. lol Good point Khadija:)

    Nail polish?
    Are you serious? What if you do?
    What happens then?

  11. I once read a fatwa on nail polish: it was not forbidden to wear it, but it was forbidden to wear nailpolish whilde performing prayer. One should remove the nailpolish before ablution. The reason was that nail polish prevents water from reaching the skin. It has to come off before wudu3 (ablution).
    I then stopped using nail polish.
    Instead I use henna for beautifying the nails, since henna is absorbed inside the nail and does not prevent water from reaching the skin.

  12. Wow! Your new house looks fabulous. It must be nice to visit at least.

  13. Being a Libyan Muslim, I assure you that keeping a dog in the house is acceptible, and it is not harram as some did comment in this blog .. I don't know where do you get such wrong statements ..
    When I was a kid i had two dogs one I called Snowy and one was named Millow ..
    I dont and never did recall anyone saying it was harram to have dogs .. but for reasons of hygien the dogs lived and slept in the garden .. in fact they always stayed in the garden and we did not like having them in side the house ..

  14. Mabrouk for your new home!
    Growing up we always had dogs in and around our house to keep us company and guard us. We just took great care that they didn't go were we prayed.Saying this is or that is haram really offends me. Our religion is basically very simple but many people like pretending otherwise.I always say: be true to yourself and others by listening to your instincts.

  15. ok so how BIG is your house that your working looks HUGE from the pictures i am seeing....



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