Thursday, March 30, 2006

ABC's of life - a meme

Accent ~ American - slightly midwest/slightly southern

Booze of choice ~ nope

Chore I hate ~ more than one but I think laundry is the worst

Dog or Cat ~ there have always been pets in my life but I prefer cats

Essential Electronics ~ computer, camera, microwave oven

Favorite perfume/cologne ~ always seems to change depending on my mood - these days it's either Givenchy's Very Irrisistable or Lancome's Miracle

Gold or Silver ~ either, depends on my mood

Hometown ~ Born in Illinois near Chicago, but then moved to Seminole, Florida at age 12

Insomnia ~ sometimes, but usually I'm so tired by the end of the day I fall into a coma quite quickly

Job Title ~ superwoman

Kids ~ three boys - 7,11,16; three girls - 9,13,15

Living Arrangment ~ family of eight in a sardine-can-sized apartment - hoping to move to someplace bigger if hubby will only just hurry things up a bit . . . sigh . .

Most Admired Trait ~ honesty - can't stand someone who lies

Number of Sexual Partners ~ lol

Overnight Hospital Stays ~ 8

Phobia ~ climbing on ladders

Quote ~ 'Elhamdulillah!"

Religion ~ Islam

Siblings ~ one older sister, two younger sisters and a brother

Time I wake up ~ 7:00 am but later on Fridays

Unusual talent/skill ~ lol

Vegetable I refuse to eat ~ I like most vegetables but I hate the canned stuff

Worst Habit ~ impatience

X-rays ~ can't remember - maybe 4 or 5

Yummy foods I make ~ chocolate cake, fudge

Zodiac sign ~ Libra - Chinese ~ Year of the Rabbit

If you read this all the way to the end - then consider yourself tagged!


  1. Khadija
    I'm dying to know what lolmeans!!Sorry for being so dumb but I really can't figure it out !

  2. lol is an acronym meaning lots of laughter.

    ROFL is an acronym meaning rolling on the floor laughing.

  3. I wonder why there never was loc, lots of crying... hmmm

    Haven't been here in a while! How's it going? Inshallah good. :)


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