Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I've got wheels! Yes, finally after living here for 17 years (and having a Libyan driver's licence for all that time) I finally have a car. Well, nearly - we're still working on getting the papers and insurance etc. for it. But hubby assures me that it will be mine.

It has a temporary licence plate on it and we drove it out to the farm and washed off the sand from the resent sandstorm. It isn't brand new, but nearly - and it has snow tires on it because it came from Canada. We have to change those as we've obviously got no snow here.

I will be happy when I can finally take off and drive it where I please. Of course my wandering spirit is one of the reasons why I haven't been allowed to have a car at my disposal all these years in the first place. Hubby knows only too well that if I get the urge I will just jump in the car and take off. For example: If the thought occurs to me that I need some new couscous dishes I'll think nothing of heading for Gharian to get a bargain. Why not? It's only a drive to the mountains after all and that's where they make the dishes, isn't it?

Hubby is all worried that I won't be able to handle driving in Libya . . . . but I've got plans . . . Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow ! Mabrouk ...What made is it ?

  2. Mashallah! Mabrouk, Congrats. looks like a nice car, though thier getting cars shipped to Libya from Canada now too that's good, now that might give me a reason to move buy a car from here (Canada) and ship it to Libya since there will be the same parts needed if it falls into disrepair etc.

    Let me take a guess for the car you got, is it a Ford? Looks more like a japanese car though so i'm hinting towards a Toyota, I'm I right, getting hot, or way off...


  3. It's not a Ford (I hate Ford!) - but it is an American car . . . but you know they say American car but the parts are not from the US. We can get the parts here for that reason.

    People are bringing cars now from Canada and the US.

  4. Congrats Khadija!

    you just crack my up!...Plans!! *** lol***

  5. It's a Chevy Optra. ( aka. daewoo nubria II )w/auto trans.

    Unexperienced drivers in Libya, are a danger to their health.

    Be careful and good luck.

  6. Congrats on your new wheels Khadija - now you can come visit me in Alex - LOL. Enjoy your independence you certainly deserve it.

  7. Mabrouk Khadija :) I can't believe you put up with this for 17 years .....tons of women drive in Libya - I even seen some with the khimar veil on .
    lol@ wandering spirit, going to Gharian is a piece of cake, as long as you don't decide to visit Ghadames ... he he he I can imagine your husband.. now you only need a cellphone to be a typical Libyan . Have fun with the car. I'm afraid that hubby might start relying on you to get the croceries and stuff now ;)
    isn't it great you have ADSL and a car ? the summum of freedom. I love my car too .

  8. Lool, Finally a person who hates Ford like me! Don't know why I dislike the car too? Anyhow if it's american than my guesses are Oldsmobile or Dodge, if it's not a chevy.

  9. We lived in Ras-Hasan from 1988-91 and I was trying to find Ras Hasan on GoogleEarth. Is Ras Hasan west/North/South of Ghaddafi's Palace?

  10. German and Japanese cars are the best - reliable, long lasting, efficient , very nice cars.

  11. mabrouk Khadija, would bring some bizza on sunday, I'll come!

  12. So , when will we take a spin?Can we listen to Pink Floyd ?Will you go fast ?By the way , a Ford car drives like a tank . You want a great American car with all the new experimental stuff , go for a Pontiac. But since my great -whatever cousin helped founded the Oldsmobile Co., maybe I should be more loyale to the family ?Georgie


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