Friday, March 03, 2006

PhotoFriday - Feminine

Photofriday - Feminine
I've been out window shopping - one of my favourite hobbies! One thing that I've noticed lately is mannequins that have their heads removed. I thought it might be an Islamic thing since Muslims are not supposed to make graven images. But nowadays I've been seeing blindfolded mannequins. Is this supposed to make them look kind of kinky? hmmm . . . . Frederick's of Tripoli . . . hehehehe . . . Maybe it's a new kind of khimar (face veil) for the modern and trendy set . . . Posted by Picasa


  1. I once visited a Turkish Islamic School. When I came to the Kindergarden section, I noticed all the kids playing with Barbiedolls and Action figures - nice and normal, except that all the dolls were headless.
    When asked about it, one of the kids told me it was forbidden in islam to play with dolls if they looked like real humans. So the Kindergarden teacher had them remove the heads of all the Barbies and GI Joes. Then they could play safely.
    Now, I am no sheikha or fagiha, but I´ve never heard of such like. Fascinating.

  2. Whats with the short jeans?

  3. Maybe this is to illustrate that Fashion is blind ?Syd

  4. hey terri great site.... i never get to just sit down and read all of your stuff.....its now 2 am here and i have been entertained for 3 hours.... hugs. hope everyone is doing well. your sister, holly p.s. ive sent your site along to some friends so that they can get a different veiw of the world we live in and they love it

  5. hollie,

    You spell her name T-E-R-I.

    Just a thought!

    Sister K-R-I-S-T-E-N

  6. I saw the something similar in downtown Toronto. I think it might be just one of those marketing fads, like with the blindfolds. Perhaps the "live mannequins" is next, eh? What safia_speaks said might have some truth to it though; I noticed that many Roman statues had their heads, arms, breasts and genitals broken off. I'm sure some were found in that condition but I have not seen one complete statue in a country that probably hosts the most of Roman ruins, anywhere outside Rome.

  7. KhadijaTeri

    About the headless statues in "in a country that probably hosts the most of Roman ruins", is it possible that when Arab/Muslims first came into Libya in force, that they decapitated the statues as an easy way to "de-idolize" them? Or do you have another history of how they all lost their heads?


  8. Thanks Holly! Kris - STOP being bitchy!

  9. Hale, I don't know, but sounds plausible to me.


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