Saturday, March 11, 2006

nothing too exciting . . just everyday life

The weather has been wonderful. This afternoon I walked up to the shops with Jenna and we had a nice time looking around at all the shops. Jenna bought a pair of bright orange sneakers. Somehow, I think bright orange sneakers are ugly, but she is happy with them and they are her feet after all, so I let her get them.

I walk fast and Jenna was doing her best to keep up with me. Finally she asked 'Mom, when you walk this fast does it hurt your sides?' I told her 'No. Are your sides hurting?' She said yes and I decided it was time to slow down.

I'll have to walk for exercise by myself. Everyone that goes out for a walk with me complains. Google Earth has a nifty tool that will measure out the distances for you. I have walks mapped out for 1km, 2-1/2km, 5km and 6km. I decide how far I feel like walking and head out the door. We're still working on the papers for my car - I think they will be ready tomorrow. I wonder how much walking I will manage in the future.

Computer woes for me again. I installed a program that made a mess of things and then had all kinds of trouble trying to straighten it all out. I had some stuff that I hadn't backed up and I didn't want to lose it so I called my friend/student Hiba to see if she could help me out. We tried to hook up the hard disk to my old computer but it was too big for the motherboard. In the end she took my computer home with her to see what she could do. Happy news! Hiba says she managed to straighten it out and I will have my computer back tomorrow morning. THANKS HIBA! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Mustafa told me that he thinks my computer is my second husband (the one I love the most). Hmmmm . . . lately with the way he's been behaving that just might be true!


  1. So neither of your husbands are acting right?? considering your computer troubles.

    Anything that takes the attention of a wife is too much for men at times. Whenver mine gets worked up he goes on his rant about the 'internet and that computer'. Yea yea I say and head right for it lol.

  2. I think the thing that bugs him most is that he's a technophobe. Too afraid to try to figure out how to use a computer. He has this weird idea that the computer will just disapear one day, become obsolete.

    Technology is just a big mystery to him - you should see what he does when someone's changed the channel on the television and he has to figure out how to get it back on Aljazeera. It's all a big production!

    And the telephone - What are all those buttons for? lol

  3. lol that is too funny. He sounds like my Mother in law LOL thats even funnier.

    Mr. Man is an engineer is technical to a point. But don't ask him to connect the vcr and the sattelite box and the dvd player to the t.v he understands plug it in only.


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