Friday, March 17, 2006

Are the kids studying for their exams?

There's no TV, no CDs, no games, no radio - but my house is none the less very noisy. It's exam time and the kids are busy doing their best to avoid studying. It is amazing how many diversions they can create for themselves.

At one point this afternoon they decided to play chinese jumprope in the living room. You remember chinese jumprope, don't you? It's the game they play with two kids standing apart holding elastic with their legs while the third kid jumps over the elastic. Of course the one doing the jumping was my daughter who is nearly 16 years old! Apparently she thinks the jumping motion might jiggle and stimulate the part of her brain that will have all the right answers for the exams.

The boys have been running back and forth around the apartment, totally ignoring all my requests that they settle down and open their books. My poor sister-in-law downstairs must think there is a herd of buffalo living above her head.

Don't even think about the kitchen. All this 'studying' makes the kids hungry. They've been doing non-stop snacking all day.

Sigh . . . I passed up a nice afternoon at the farm to supervise the exam preparation process. It's time I started to make a bit of noise myself and have some exercise. I think I need to get 'the stick' out and use it.

I think I'll take some vitamins first. . . God help me!


  1. Just think , in the States it is Spring Break time !Ready to move ?

  2. use the stick, it's very useful in these cases, May God help You

  3. The stick? Come on, what´s next? Tying our kids legs with a rope to the tent peg? (Or the study desk, whatever)

    Abraham Maslow´s theory of human motivation usually works for me. Every A+ from my kids will get them 150 USD and every A 80 USD. I tell them: "If you´re smart, you can ruin me!". But they just say: "But Mama, we´ll get them anyway from Dad.." This strategy usually works shortly before holidays.

    Or try Sun Tzu´s "Forestall your opponent by seizing what he holds dear, and subtly contrive to time his arrival on the ground." But you already took away the satellite receiver, didn´t you? Maybe you need to take something they really want?

    Sometimes reverse psychology works: tell them they can do what they want, as long as they don´t study. You will get the looks, but they will get the creeps and study.

    Good luck!

  4. remember jumping over elastics while spelling M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I? Loads of fun!

  5. i believe there are 2 types of kids those who need to be beat and those that can be bribed .... i have one of both..... the bribes are breaking me and the beatings are hurting my hands ....but hey whatever works right..... hugs holly

  6. It sounds like your kids are employing the Rinvolucrian technique of using physical exercise in order to stimulate and increase blood flow to the brain, thus increasing mental sharpness prior to studying. This only works if the actually do some studying after the Chinese jump-rope though.

  7. Holly - who's getting beaten? Alex or Shelby? If it's Alex you better watch out because I hear he is taller than Mom now!

  8. You said your kids are snacking but what are they eating ? ?! If their snacks contain chemicals and sugar then expect them to be so active.I don't believe it's hunger it's just plain boredom . I have never used a stick(they are all grown up now). I just punish by taking away all their goodies and stick to what I say (this I believe is most important)

  9. OHHH BEAT 'EM!! :)

    So far no exams they are too young, next year.. maybe. Shoot me now I say!! Hard enough getting clay pot science projects done lol.

    I can see it now "see this stick, I'm going to beat you with it" Screams of horror, kids running everywhere, giggles, laughter, teasing Mama.. HEY! I'm suppose to be instilling fear not fun and games. ohh maybe i can tie them to the back of a camel.. MUSH I SAY!!

    Thoughts of torture is bringing too much pleasure. Summer vacation is coming soon but not soon enough.

  10. UUUGGGHH! I dread summer vacation - The kids will be happy for about three days and then they will be bored stiff and driving me crazy. Torture for sure!

  11. alex is the one that needs to be beaten but its his father doing this not me anymore.....but it must be working he has straight A's... shelby on the other hand has C's and is being bribed i told her if the grades dont come up she will be visiting her dads house next...... hehehehe love holly

  12. i love summer vacations the kids go to their dads for half the summer and mom gets a vacation.....there are up sides to not being married anymore..... i will have a great summer holly

  13. Holly - now that's an interesting thought - good reason to get a divorce - hmmm have to seriously consider it!

    I'm really proud of Alex - tell Shelby to get her nose in her books too!

  14. wow.....we dont have any exams.....we have f cat.... but i guess it is almost the same....we just took ours though..(the day after my birthday) :(
    so how are things with you? i hope good.
    i absolutely love your pictures... i should send you some pictures of me and alex... i just got a new camera phone!!!! and i can send pictures to people!!!!
    well i must go do my homework.
    talk to you soon.
    hugs and kisses,


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