Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My life and some new blogs

I've had a few busy days.

On Sunday I gave a presentation at the ELTEX conference an Education Exhibition and English Language Conference with my colleague Alea. We did a presentation about how we got our students to improve their writing and reading skills by posting them on a blog we created for our school. We were supposed to go on stage at 8:30pm but one of the speakers had to cancel and so we took his timeslot at 5. Actually it was better, we got it over with sooner and could then enjoy the other speakers and the exhibition.

We first had to explain what a blog was since blogs and blogging are a new idea in Libya. I got some good feedback from many of the people there and the director of a school in Benghazi is going to create a blog for his school and then we'll link our to school blogs together and try to get the students to do something together. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the conference and today was spent at home. Mustafa has been pouting and complaining that he's been neglected. Ugggh! I've made tons of sacrifices in my life for that man, you would think he would be nice, shut up and eat tuna sandwiches once in a while and let me do something for myself for a change. My God - there is only one English language conference a year in this country. . . It will take him about a week to get it out of his system. In the meantime I will do my best to tolorate him. I really think he's my oldest child and not my husband sometimes. . . sigh . . .

Two new blogs to mention today. Rambling a new Libyan? blogger who I guess is from Tripoli and Big Damn Heroes an expat living in Libya. Warm welcome to you both. I'll put their links on my sidebar for easy reference.


  1. Dear Khadija ,
    I liked the idea of linking the schools. Any chance of our schools linking ? ? As for Libyan husbands they're all alike. You've seen one you've seen them all!!!

  2. Laila - has your school got a blog? send me the link or post it please :)

  3. I've filled in the info required but do not know how to proceed.Would you please help me out??

  4. Sorry!
    Sent before I could finish !

  5. Thanks Laila - now the real effort begins - get the students to write and then post them on the blog. :)


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