Friday, March 24, 2006

A spirit in my bedroom

Last night hubby went off with his friends to a zarda and came home very late smelling of macaroni umbakbaka. I know that many women complain when their husbands go off to zardas, but Mustafa rarely takes part in this form of entertainment and I am extremely happy when he does. It gives me a nice evening to myself for a change. The only drawback is that I have to stay up making sure he gets back. It was late when he got in and I fell into a deep sleep, oblivious to anything.

Around five in the morning Mustafa was awakened by some movement or noise in our bedroom. You know how that is - you're asleep and then get woken up but your not sure if you are really awake or not. He opened his eyes and in the darkness he was sure he was seeing a giant standing by the bed. Squinting his eyes, trying to see. Was he dreaming? Was it a vision? A jinn? -Aoodoobillah! The tallest thing in our house is Adam but this apparition was taller than that!

Poor Mustafa was in that realm between being asleep and being awake. He kept opening and closing his eyes. Finally he called out 'Aoodoobillah!' and it woke me up. I said 'What? What? What's the matter?' That's when Mustafa realized what the 'spirit' in our room was. It was Sara!

We had bought a box of corn flakes that day and I had put it in the top shelf of our closet to protect it. It's not that corn flakes are so expensive or precious, the problem is that the kids are pigs and won't leave the box alone until it's all gone. Sara had waited up all night until she thought we were asleep and snuck into the room with a chair. She was in the dark standing on a chair, searching for the box of corn flakes in the closet because she wanted the biggest bowl all to herself!

Mustafa was so pissed off that he jumped out of bed, turned on the light, got the box of corn flakes and gave it to her. He told her to make sure she finished it all. Off went the light, he climbed back in bed and I could hear him muttering 'I hope she chokes on it.'

I drifted back to sleep. In the morning it all felt like a very weird dream. So now you know the story of the spirit in my bedroom.


  1. LOL!
    Next time go get a digital camera and save it for Candid Camera to air during ramadan evening program.

  2. Hehehe - maybe I should stick the webcam facing the cabinet and send it out to cyberspace.

  3. webcam is a great idea...your hubby is really a wonderful character !

  4. Very funny.
    Your kid reminds me of myself :)
    Cereal was imported and really expensive in Tunisia.Many people didn't even know what it was. I loved it. A pack of cereal wouldn't last more than a few hours in our house when my mom bought it for us.

  5. I didn't mean to be anonymous, but I am having problems with blogger as usual :)

  6. Hi all, a silly joke which I will try translate as best as I can (some of you may of heard of the Libyan Arabic version). Here goes nothing:
    An elderly farmer went to the newly opened supermarket in his area, while looking around he came across something on one of the shelves that he never saw before. The box had "Cornflakes" written on it. Being the adventures type, he decided to buy it and try it out. So after paying for it, he quickly went home to taste his new discovery. He opened the box and found the light brown flakes inside, but he did not know how to prepare or eat them. So he began to try different things out, firstly he boiled them (Imbakbaka!), he tried the result out, it tasted disgusting so he then attempted to try to fry them, again they tasted horrible. Finally he gave up and decided it was a waste of money but instead of throwing the thing away, he put the remaining cornflakes in a bowel, poured some milk over it and gave it to his dog to eat!


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