Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Countdown to the eclipse

Tomorrow is the day of the eclipse. We'll only see a partial eclipse in Tripoli, we had thought about going to the area where you can witness a total eclipse but:

#1 - the kids are in the middle of exams

#2 - it's a long drive out there

#3 - if we went we would have to leave someone home with the kids who are in the middle of exams and no one wants to stay with my kids and honestly, I don't blame them - I don't like staying with them either most of the time.

#4 - there is the whole idea of camping out in a tent - I like the comforts of my own bed and I like plenty of running water. I also know from past experience that there are not very many public bathrooms in Libya and not very many bushes to hide behind in the dessert either. My white butt would be visible for miles.

I know, I know - it's a lot of excuses to miss a maybe once in a lifetime happening. But I'll live!

The kids have the day off from school. Now, in my opinion the schools should be open and teachers should be taking full advantage of the event. You know, like, in science class they could really do something memorable and exciting. Writing class could be spent writing about the experience - and so on . But no, not here - any excuse for a day off. The teachers don't even really understand the phenomenom. Sara came home and told me her teacher said the special glasses made for viewing the eclipse where only useful for 4 minutes and then they would be ineffective and you would go blind. Now where on earth did she get that information?

A few years back there was a meteor shower and the schools closed because the teachers were sure that you could be killed by falling stars! Uuuugh! I had the kids up on the roof before dawn watching the event and it was a wonderful and beautiful experience. We even managed to convince the neighbour to come out and have a look after she watched us from her window and saw we were actually safe and not being killed by falling stars.

Ahhh! Only in Libya. I let you know what happens tomorrow.


  1. If it was a school in the UK or the U.S. they would make you write a poem, a story or present a science presentation based on the eclipse. Good old Libya :)

  2. For people going to watch total eclipse, I wish to remember that you have to put back the special glasses (or whatever device you use to protect your eyes) BEFORE the total phase is over. E.g. if in your area it is said totality will last 2 minutes, put back your glasses 1.5 minutes after it has begun. Because the moment when Sun reemerges is dangerous for the eyes. The pupil has broadened during the total eclipse, you are looking at the Sun and when it reemerges, its light falls directly on your unprotected retina and can burn it.
    Maya Markova, Bulgaria

  3. Hi Khadijateri , I'm going to miss the whole thing ..but well that's life. Looking forward to your report.

  4. Thanks for that important information Maya!

  5. But we're not anywhere else but in Libya and have to make do with what we have !Our trainees were given a homework asignment to write about the eclipse.You see dear 7mada we are doing our best !

  6. 'But we're not anywhere else but in Libya.' What's wrong with Libya?


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