Saturday, September 01, 2007

Getting ripped off

I went to the supermarket yesterday. It's a small shop just around the corner from my house. I don't particularly like this shop, I just go there because it's convenient.

I've noticed that they've been stocking up on new merchandise for Ramadan. This time of year they come out with all kinds of things that you don't find the rest of the year. Things like, pudding mixes and cake mixes, packets of mixed spices and all sorts of 'instant foods' like soup mix. After Ramadan they will stop bringing these things (as if we only eat one month a year!).

I was in the shop to buy the usual - cheese, milk, tuna, macaroni, tomato paste, harissa and those unmentionable female things.

At the cash register I put the basket on the counter... actually I put it on top of all the plastic bags and advertising promotion papers. I squeezed the basket in between the candy displays and all the other junk that's on the counter.... sigh... this is one of the reasons I hate this shop...too much clutter.

It's a modern shop - meaning he's got one of those laser guns that zaps in the price from the barcode right into the computer and shows you all the details on the monitor. What do you think he does? He zaps in the first price and then tells me 'Oh. The price is wrong. We've changed the price.' and I watch as he adds a quarter to everything I have in the basket. Everything that is, except the unmentionable female things.

Yes... Ramadan is just around the corner... be prepared to get ripped off on everything, everywhere you go... except for unmentionable female things... sigh..


  1. Sister, your husband is a lawyer! According to Libyan commercial laws the announced prizes are the price to pay, unless an obvious mistake has been made (such as 1LD for a color TV, instead of 1000LD).
    That shopkeeper can´t do as he did; if his prizes have risen, he must announce so. If he does not announce, the prize tag counts. That´s Libyan law.

  2. Hahah... There is no price tag on the items.. just on the computer. Laws...hmmm..

  3. Exactly Khadija, Libyan laaaw?...What is law?

  4. That is soooooo unfair! subhan'Allah the will pay!!!

    I HATE that in most of the stores in Libya there are NOOOOO price tags on the items! I like knowing how much something is.

    That way people can't rip you off and you know how much you'll be paying ahead of time!

    WOW! I didn't know they had laser gun things in Libya now! cool! About time!

  5. Consider it as a Tip or somethin...

    although it is not very professional to do...

    but living in a 3rd world country requires some pre-determined tolerence level.

    goto neighbouring tunisia, and such things rarely happening...

    in other words,, you are very right in getting angry becuase of such a thing,, BUT,,, please try to remember that this is not L.A. or Tokyo.. and such "Wrong" things are bound to happen

    people are un-educated.
    people lack etiquitte
    people are not pro-progression



  6. I think that the next time that shopkeeper does that you need to tell him you have changed your mind and don't want his wares. And go to another shop. The only reason he can do that is because he knows you won't. Do that enough and he will get tired of having to delete your purchase and he won't like losing the sale.

  7. Chatalaine - we have tried that! - he doesnt know how to delete things - only how to scan them in....lololol... only in Libya!!! hahahah

  8. Do you think he would do the same if it was a man paying? maybe he thinks a woman will not go into discussion and will just pay...
    maybe he is trying make up for the lasergun he purchased by charging more...


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