Monday, September 17, 2007

Adventures.. just another day in my life

The kid's have really started school. And guess what? They are all going in the morning! This is the first time this has ever happened. I actually have peaceful and childless mornings! I've dreamed about this for years and years.

We've been running around different shops picking up things for school. Yesterday the girls and I decided to see if my friend Tara wanted to come with us. We got to her house and ended up chatting and joking around until it was pretty late. We decided we'd just stop at some shops on our way home. On the way out the door Jenna decided she had to give Tara a huge hug. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Tara's neck causing her to become off balance and the two of them ended up falling backwards off the veranda in front of the house - a drop of about a meter and a half.

Boom!... Crash!... I was outside opening up the car and heard the screams. I got back inside to find Jenna screaming and saying she had knocked herself on the head. Poor Tara was in shock I think. It had all happened so fast. We straightened out Jenna and found she had also hurt her arm but she was able to move it and it looked straight and not broken. No one was bleeding. We got some ice to put on Jenna's arm. And decided to head for home.

Tara says she thinks she has whiplash. She said as she was falling she was trying to make sure to be underneath to protect Jenna. It could have been much worse.. counting blessings here.

In the morning Jenna said her arm still hurt but she wanted to go to school. It wasn't swollen, I told her after school we'd take her for an x-ray if it was still bothering her. After school her father took her to have it x-rayed (this saved me from having to post another hospital story - aren't you happy?). It turns out she has a slight fracture, the doctor put a splint on it (not a cast) and said to come back on Wednesday.

Otherwise life is going ok. I am finally over missing out on my morning coffee. The first few days of Ramadan were miserable in that respect, but I survived them.

Our next adventures should involve buying Eid clothes... I really miss Rosebud who used to help me out by taking the girls shopping while her mother and I enjoyed an evening chat and coffee. So stay tuned for more of my weird adventures...

Oh I have another beggar story too.. but I will save it for later as I'm sure I will have more to add before the month is over.


  1. Salamet Jenna and Tara, best wishes to both of them.
    it sounds like a movie, thank God it wasnt worse

  2. Ramadan Mubarak! It's is funny, everytime I read a blogger talking about back-to- school time, Eveyone is celebrating that the kids are gone lol. Just came across your blog the other day....Alhumdulilah your daughter and friend were not seriously hurt.

  3. Salamat!
    Don´t worry, you guys are gonna laugh hard at this when looking back some years to come.

    When Jenna is a grandma she can pick up her grand kids and show off the scars, telling horrendous tales ;-)

    Only yesterday Fatima was angry and slapped the kitchen cupboard door while I had my finger in between. Later this afternoon she hit my arm from inside out nearly knocking my shoulder off socket again.

    These things happen when you have kids....keep it safe!

  4. I'm just blog hopping.. and end up here.. Nice blog that you have here and thought I would visit you again :P

    Ramadhan Kareem


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