Thursday, September 20, 2007

My last nerve

I saw this: Libya returns French to school curriculum and thought about laughing if I could only stop crying. My daughter said one of her friend's sisters was given a schedule and a book for Italian. In the past they had the idea to bring in Housa (an African language) into the curriculum.

Isn't this kind of stupid seeing they still can't manage to teach English in Libyan schools yet? This is just another thing to get on my last nerve.


  1. Dont be narrow minded Khadija LOL..the future is for housa. who knows it could be substitute for E.
    well, i think its nice to learn diff. languages, no problem in that, students have the time and ability to learn diff, lang. in the era of globalization we need to learn chines too .

  2. I knew about it since they start to write the book level 1.
    I wrote about it before but is it true as first phase will be in ten schools only. I'll check it next week
    many things will be more clear after 26 September.

    BTW French not "an African language"
    and it's good to learn language & different culture specially French one..

  3. Anonymous... I agree that learning languages s important in this global world of ours... but it would be kind of hard seeing Libya has a LACK OF TEACHERS. It's kind of like a sick joke.

  4. At least the schools are offering another language. English woul dbe better but it will be easier to get teachers for French that actually speak the language. Hopefully English will be standard too.
    By the way at least it means job security for you lol.

  5. I heard this summer that some former french teachers have been to France to attend some sort of language course...The vast majority of french teachers haven't been near any french book or french material for the last..20years? I know exactly what I'm talking about! I used to be one of the faculty at the french language dept.(20 years ago-and for 5years)and I know personally some of them. Even at that time, more than 60% of them weren't able to carry on with a proper conversation in French, not to mention teaching after an interruption of 20 years.Don't ask me how they graduated I leave it to you to guess!
    And not to mention the level of some members of the faculty... You just wonder how they obtained their degrees and how they could qualify to be part of the Faculty!
    BTW khadijateri you know who I am I've emailed you once about some SAT courses infos and you kindly answered my mail.

  6. I beleive that children can learn a lot when they are at school. But.... they need good teachers, good environment, and good books available. It is good to introduce the French Language besides the English Language. The government should make sure to keep investing in education if they want success.

  7. I think both English and French should be introduced-- both are official languages of the UN, and depending on the field one is going into, people need to know one or both. Maybe, though, instruction in one or both of these languages will be left to private tutors or to private institutes. Remind me to get my TESOL certification before I come to Libya!


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