Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've got good news!

My sister told me she is pregnant! I am soooooo thrilled. When hubby heard the news the first thing he said was 'Don't tell the kids.'

CULTURE CLASH! - My sister is single. I think his reaction is stupid. Everyone in Libya watches Oprah, Dr. Phil, Friends, and the list goes on and on. What is the big deal?

What do you think about this?


  1. well i think it's so normal, your sister is living in another culture and there is nothing wrong with this. i think you should tell your kids , it's thier aunt and the baby gonna be thier cousin ..
    and by the way Congratulation for your sisiter...

  2. Single?!

    How did she get a baby, then?


    ...just kidding, I know!
    Congrats to your sistah!

  3. Congratulation!
    Tell the kids

  4. There's no problem to tell your kids about it !

    I guess most of us know that their life not as us at all
    and thats right when you said that there's Oprah show,Dr.phill and others

    I forget to tell you congratulation for her.

    fe aman Allah

  5. Congradulations! Of course you can tell the kids about it just answer any question they have truthfully.

  6. Of course tell them!
    I am happy for kristen.
    and i get a new cousin.


  7. even though i have 6 children that call me aunt holly this is the first one that i can spoil on a regular basis. i cant wait. congrats to all of us in this family we have a new member arriving.... hugs holly and the kids

  8. I am going to leave that one alone!! May be I am an old fashion but I know I am not stupid.

  9. Congrats to Kirsten - I see no point in 'hiding' this from anyone - what is the point. It is her decision and her life - and your kids deserve to know their newest cousin.

  10. Congratulations on your sister's news. I am a single mom and had my daughter alone. It is hard but children are such a blessing. Best wishes and Ramadan mubarak.

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOL - and I wonder how long not telling would work out?


  12. dont tell them it is be so hard to explain especially to your girls sami

  13. Hi dear Khadija, I just came back from our trip, we had a very good time. First of all congratulations on the coming baby :).

    And second of all I really really miss you and am hoping to see you sometime and somewhere.


  14. Children and babies are a blessing from God, no matter if the woman is single or not. My two eldest nephews, Christopher and Braden, were both conceived when my sisters (Melissa and Shelly, respectively), were not married. Does that mean I love my nephews any less? I say "tell the kids", but also, hubby has a point. However, they'll find out sooner or later, and I think it should come from you. CONGRATS to you and your sister and the rest of the family for this blessing!


  15. If you are a Muslim and you want to be a hypocrite as well then you can congratulate this issue.

    But let me say that most religions in the purest undistorted forms will condone this, and although its not "hip", "modern" to be against this nowadays it doesn't disguise the pure truth; having a child outside wed lock is wrong. It leads to a breakdown of families, suffering of countless mothers and children.
    One may ask you should judge people within the norms of their culture, well even then its still wrong, especially if you declare your self a Muslim, whats right and wrong remains the same where ever you are.
    The truth hurts, up holding ones beliefs and faith is tough, because a lot of people will be against your views, but faith is not easy, its a tough journey, but in the end should be worth it.

    I know a lot of "people" will not agree with me, I don't care for their agreement, but I don't like hypocrisy.
    Even though it's hard to believe, I say this with a non judgmental view, Allah/God is the judge in all this, and I have no high moral ground "riya" attitude.

    Based on the above let me NOT congratulate you.

    One more thing, I am sure you are not consulting us on whether you should tell your children or not, nor is it our business, so Aladdin and others nor is it y/our business.

    I hope I have not offended any one, I assure that is not my aim.
    We (including "me") are not perfect and I pray that Allah will guide us and forgive us for any wrong.

    P.S: A few points: *It's OK if my comment will be deleted, but I hope its deleted with the whole post!
    *I will probably get 3453543 comments telling me to go to hell, I tell you thats what I'm trying to avoid in the first place.
    * No I am NOT a religious fanatic bent on Islamic domination of the world, but although we are not perfect, that does not mean we should bend the rules to suit us and act "wishy washy" and play along to the tune.
    *Yes, I am anonymous and blah blah blah.....

  16. Well congratulations on becoming auntie..............I am sure your children are old enough to understand what is right and wrong. And their lives are at stake here, should "they" make that choice. Having a child out of wedlock - NO MATTER WHAT "RELIGION" is a choice she made, and so much better than the alternative...........


    It is not easy raising children no matter 1 parent, 2 parents, or a whole village, but with lots of love helps.........Sandi

  17. Your sister's a whore.....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous... I know your really Mani - your long-winded pompous style of writing is a dead give away...hehe

    Tankgirl... oh Tara... behave yourself!

  19. I wish all the best to your sister!

    How can you say such a thing? You don't know her.

    And to anonymous guy.
    She is not a muslim so your rules don't apply to her. God gave her to get pregnant and it was about time. Who is saying she will raise the kid alone or without the love of both parents?

  20. Congrats for christin n her bf and WeLcome to the new baby, wishing him/her happy life. We like queen khadije and her blog, she is v friendly and has GSOH.

    tankgirl....LooL wot about u :)
    v naughty LoooL

  21. Hey I'm the upcoming Grandmother and I am tickled pink that we have a new arrival on the way. God will be giving us that present. Love always.

  22. I don't agree with ur husband , But any way , the kids know now after ur post lol:o)


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