Friday, September 07, 2007

Do weird dreams need interpretation?

I had a weird dream last night. There was a mother cat who had just given birth and was abandoning her kittens - there were three kittens. This was happening in a shop that sold a combination of lingerie, luxurious linens, and self help books.

I first noticed the lingerie. Lacy, soft and silky - just the kinds I like. Then I noticed the bedding. Fabulous stuff - not the kind they sell in Libya - this was real bedding! As I was looking at the section that had bath towels and touching and smelling the soft fluffy cotton I looked down and noticed the cat. Actually I heard the kittens and then noticed the cat. Mama cat was leaving and the three kittens were scattered about on the floor of the shop. I collected them up and put them in a display of silky pillow cases so they wouldn't get stepped on.

Then I looked up and found the self help books. I forgot all about the rest of the things and started browsing the titles. Then I woke up.

What does all this mean?


  1. It means you are losing yourself in persuit of the finer things in life you yearn for. Just an opnion.

  2. It means you're going to have a triplet.

  3. There are two things going thru your mind these days:

    1) Getting something better

    2) Getting things straight

    You need to learn how to relax, because your brain is occupied with working and doing things the right way, finding solutions for everything and solving everything the best possible way.

    You want to relax and enjoy life, but you think this can only happen if you work hard first. In stead your urge to do things right might hinder you in enjoying life.

    The cat is a symbol of your subconciousness. It tells you to "leave the kittens" but you can´t because you feel responsible for their safety.

    The shop is a symbol of your wantings and desires. They are all around you but you are not "buying anything".

    The books are a symbol of your quest for the right solutions. Your subconsciousness is the publisher of these books.

    Try finding the book that reads "How to spend a month of holiday in Florida without the kids".

    Good luck!

  4. Sounds to me like you are fighting a battle between what you really want to do ( leave ) and your preceived responsiblities .

  5. Mahmud... triplets!!! ... no please no!

    Safia... hmm.. good ideas there...

    rosebud... yearning.. lol

    anonymous... hmm

  6. Prophet Muhammad loved cats. He cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than disburb his cat who had fallen asleep on it.

    Your dream means that you are
    very compassionate. When you see kittens among beautiful things that you would want for yourself, you think first of helping the helpless.

    As for the mother cat who was leaving, the meaning is that despite life's uncertainties,
    angels are always nearby to help.

  7. well recently i had a converstaion with a family friend/friend bout dreams, she gave me the advise that if a dream is not gud then dnt say it, that doesnt mean if its werid u shud say it, i didnt get that bit, she later explained that we r not meant to give time to dreams and try to interprt them, jsut cos they r waste of time, Allah sometimes communicates to us through dreams as in many other ways, but if He were we wud know and notice that it was something and only strong muslims, or more relgious ppl get these dreams apparently BUT i beg to differ its an on going question dreams lol
    anyways nice post weird alot like my weird dreams, i remeber mine in much detail wenever i remeber them :P


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