Sunday, September 09, 2007

A break, 'me time' and a new project... in Ramadan

My school goes on break every Ramadan. We've found there is no use in having classes for students (and teachers) who are fasting because everyone feels like a zombie and students have trouble retaining anything. One year I taught during Ramadan and it was hard going. Trying to talk to an entire classroom, making sure your voice is loud enough to reach the four corners, just makes your mouth dry and parched. It was exhausting. So starting from Monday there will be a break for me from teaching for a month, actually a little more as we won't start back until after Eid.

In the meantime I have lots to do besides cooking, fasting, praying and other spiritual things.

First on my list will be to make an effort to spend quality time with family and friends.

is 'me time'; plans include getting out my camera and shooting a photo a day. These days I haven't had much time to get out and take any pictures - no time and little inspiration. Hopefully having more time will solve the creative photo block I've been going through.

Another thing
will be going over my website and changing it a bit (maybe more than a bit). That's been on my list of things to do for ages.

But most of all
, I will be working on a new project with a friend and colleague. We've decided to set up a relocation consultancy service for people and companies relocating to Libya. I get so many questions and requests for information that it is just natural to put it all together and offer it as a service. On the surface it looks easy, but information about Libya changes daily and as every client's needs will be different it all has to be done on a personal and individual basis. It's not just work for me though because I will be learning new things everyday - and you know how much I like that. Libya has so much to offer and I find all this new knowledge thrilling.

What are you planning to do during Ramadan?


  1. Dear Khadija - I would like to wish you and the family a very happy healthy and peaceful Ramadan. As far as myself here in California, I've cooked 5 pots of Ramadan soup then I divided them into a Rubber Maid containers and saved them in the freezer 27 and all, so each day I will take one out and let it thaw then heat and eat, also I made falafel, boreek, stuffed potatoes and stuffed eggs all in the freezer. I have no time working in Hollywood long hours getting home just half an hour before the breakfast time and trying to cook add to that I hate being in the kitchen trying to cook on an empty stomach with no energy. So I'm all set to go. Night time I will be updating - - and
    I think we're going to have a hot Ramadan month in Los Angeles as the temperature will be in the 90's in the next 7 days.
    After Ramadan my friend Ayman Al Atar is coming to Hollywood to stay at my house and I will film several video clips of his songs and possibly record a single and a duet, so that’s another load of work which I have to start prepare for the during Ramadan. That’s all for now.

  2. Well, I am going to teach. Every year I try to learn my big students that fasting is no excuse to slow down - otherwise fasting would be easy and of no use. So I keep teaching; and I expect my students to do their papers and homework as usual. After all, society in Denmark does not slow down because 5 % of the population is fasting.

    What else am I doing? Oh yes, I´m gonna spend the last few days of ramadan in Istanbul (Turkey) inshallah. Otherwise ramadan is going to be normal. Abdallah, my son, is going a week to Berlin (Germany) inshallah in the middle of ramadan.

    I´m probably going to cook lotsa soup! Taking care to cook a bit better than usual. The last two years ramadan has been hell for me with lotsa trouble, so I sincerly hope this year will be different...

    ...happy ramadan for everybody in your household!

  3. what I'm going to do during Ramadan I will start new training classes and of course I'll not stop the gym class..visiting families and lots of things.. imagine??

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  5. Hapy Ramadan Khadijateri, one busy woman you'll be this month eh ? So you're going to do a makeover on your website ? that should take houuuuuuuuuuurs! good luck!

  6. Happy ramadan Teri , for me I will enjoy my days in canada with my sis :0)

  7. Ramadan mubarak Mrs.Khadija ..

    there's alots of good things can anyone do it during this blessed month .. about me I'll try to addition my score .. to delete what I did during the year .. and I hope GOD accept from all ..

    Allah blessed you mrs.Khadija


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