Friday, September 28, 2007

An update

We told the kids that their aunt was having a baby. My husband insisted to say she had gotten married but that the marriage wasn't working out as planned so she would probably be raising the child on her own. Of course the kids saw right through this as I expected they would but they decided to go along with their father just to 'save face'.

I decided to put this in my mental file cabinet in the 'Libyan Legends' file. That's the place where I have filed the other tales that Libyans 'believe' such as; the sleeping embryo and the magical virginity fix.

I'll have to write up a post about these one day.. but then they would be exposed as myths... hmmm...

By the way - most people commented to say congratulations and were in favor of telling the kids. Thanks for the input!


  1. It is good that you told them because that is their blood. Hard I know especially when you try to live your life according to your religious beliefs but the way I look at it with so much negativity in the world and if this child is growing up in a loving home then I see the baby as a blessing and my prayers go to you and your sister and child.

  2. good save/comprimise! Wish her luck fo rme!

  3. “If you are a Muslim and you want to be a hypocrite as well then you can congratulate this issue.

    Euuuh.. I’m Muslim and I don’t want to be hypocrite. Congratulation to your sister.

    I think that it would be better to tell the children all the truth. Thus They would learn that in this world we coexist with different social rules for each area, country , religion and even era. They would have learned how to accept and respect the difference.

    I think that they are missing a great tolerance lesson here. Afterwards, in all the ways, one day or the other they will discover the truth. And there, you’ll be regarded as a liar. This is my point of view.

    So shake your Ken :-D

  4. There is nothing better than the truth.

    Good luck to you, your sis, and the new baby. By the way, what is the name of the Baby?

    Regards from

  5. There's no point of hiding the truth. As they say the truth should set you free. The kids will find out sooner or later and when they do they going to say my mom and dad lied to us. You better prepare yourselves for that.

  6. Congratulation!
    I agree with all the truth suggestions.

    I will be waiting for the details of the sleeping embryo and virginity fix sometime soon!

  7. Everyone is concerned about telling kids the truth. But you are trying to tell them your opinion not the truth. You don’t know the truth. We know the fact and everything else is what we believe it is true.

    Advice for your husband. Keep it simple with the kids and let them do the thinking.

    I will just wait for the update.


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