Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Therapy

Ten things I'm looking forward to

1. Winter - this goes along with number 2 & 3
2. Cooler weather - I'm tired of the hum of the ac and feeling like I live in a vaccume
3. Rain - it's been ages since we saw that here
4. The kids going back to school.. when that will happen is anyone's guess
5. LTT's service getting better... maybe this should be nearer the top of the list!
6. My children getting past their teen years... uugh teenagers!
7. Seeing my family in the US someday.. yes really!
8. Getting all the Ramadan and Eid shopping out of the way
9. My next hair appointment... nothing wrong with pampering oneself
10. Springtime and wildflowers... the best season in Libya

You might have noticed that I didn't put Ramadan on the list. That's because I believe Ramadan in Libya is the most awful month in the calendar. In America I looked forward to Ramadan and wished it lasted forever - here it is miserable. People becoming gluttons by stuffing themselves, behaving like raving lunatics and the shopping nightmare one hundred times worse than any last minute x-mas shopping that I ever witnessed in the US... I try to get it all done early and hibernate for the duration of the month. Maybe I should have put on the list that I am waiting for the end of the month of Ramadan.

Another thing not on the list is looking forward to the house being finished. I've given up all hope of seeing that in my lifetime. I am so disgusted with my husband for piddling around and wasting time that I'm not interested in ever living with him there at all even if he does finish it. For God's sake he's spent over five years on this @#!&%#@ project of his...! I don't even like going to see 'the progress' anymore because I end up just wanting to yell and scream at him like some kind of raving maniac. And when anyone asks me how the house is going these days I give them an evil look that makes them back off and apologize for asking.

Thanks for letting me get that all out. And thanks SJ - it was good therapy!


  1. hows the house 'progress' coming along teri?

    *ducks a flying knife* :P

    Hang in there sis.. personally.. I believe number 1 is a visit o the states for you.. you need a break :)


  2. You are very welcome, my friend!

    I spent HOURS last night looking at your photos on Flickr. To see the places I remember from my childhood so beautifully captured made me teary-eyed. But I know I wouldn't be happy living in Libya now, because I am too deeply a "modern American." Must have my luxuries! Still, it's a testimony to Libya's beauty that it so captured the heart of a small Air Force brat!

  3. Ahhh... modern luxuries! I think I am here just to announce them as they walk into the door.

    And here we have Doritoes!

    Next is Aquafresh Toothpaste...

    For those with serious foot problems there is an assortment of Dr Scholls at your service..

    someday I will announce proper healthcare, education, and maybe even clean streets...


    I'm here...waiting to make the announcement of a modern Libya...sigh

    thanks for taking time to read, browse and comment. Love your blog SJ... you are sooo much like me it's eerie!

  4. Wait till you see my post for today!!!

  5. I know my family and I were looking forward to Ramadan in Libya! We were like "Oh Ramadan in a Muslim country!" but we all found it to be very boring and disappointing!
    Nobody does anything! Even Eid is boring in Libya.

  6. "I believe Ramadan in Libya is the most awful month in the calendar. In America I looked forward to Ramadan"

    You should have lived in Tripoli in the 70's because you would have been glad Ramadan came. After 9PM Tripoli was deserted, the only ones who were roaming around the town were the university students either going to the movies or to spend the night at a friend's house studying and etc....... You had to know every street in Tripoli to avoid check points at night by police or military police. Ramadan was the only month Libyans could stay late at night with out the harassment of the police.

    Ramadan in US is like an American spending the Christmas season in Saudia Arabia, Many Arabs in US take their vacations in Ramadan to go back home and to enjoy the month. The only draw back of Ramadan is like having Thanksgiving dinner every night, besides nothing gets done in the Arab world during Ramadan.

    Next Ramadan, spend it in Buenos Aires, as it will be winter, plus you break your fasting at 5 " I assume" there will be rain which you do miss and you might learn how to ski with ur husband and kids. To top it there is a huge Arab community there also the British community who speak your own language I assume unless they have their own dialect. The whole family will feel at home with no use of AC.

    As for your appointment with hair dresser switch to Hamam where you come out a new person instead.

    By the time your house is completed, your kids will be long gone and you will have Empty Nest Syndrome :-)

    Did I read Khadija Teri Top Ten List or was it Dsvid Letterman Top Ten List.

    Nice post with a lot of sense of humour.



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