Tuesday, August 14, 2007

what's coming up?

I've been thinking about Ramadan which is right around the corner. It's the time I have a break from work. Well, work at school - Of course I will be doing plenty of work at home, mainly in the kitchen.

I need to start getting things ready - the annual shopping spree to replace dishes and other items needed to prepare or consume the food that will be coming out of my kitchen. Also, I'll need to stock up on some of the basics so I won't have to be running out to look for them all the time. I asked hubby if he wanted to accompany me on a shopping trip and he wasn't interested. I will check to see if my mother-in-law wants to go. She had a great time last year.

One thing that I decided to do this Ramadan, aside from all the cooking and spiritual things, is to do things that I like to do. I'm going to make time for my hobbies and interests... things I don't seem to have much time for lately and I'm missing.


  1. Hi Khadija :)
    I hope you have a great Ramadan, this year and always.
    I'm gonna be spending this Ramadan away from my family :( , I've just started working in Tripoli and I'm not allowed to take leave untill at least 3 months have passed, I'm still in the middle of my second month.
    I'm not sure how I'll cope, I don't even know if there are places to eat in Tripoli for someone in my position. It looks like I'm gonna have to learn to cook for myself veeery soon :)

  2. Relaxing? In ramadan?

    Ramadan for me usually means work; extra nice food, lotsa dishwashing and cleaning every day, guests, shopping for the guests, going to the mosque, and when finally resting I am too tired and filled up but to lay in front of the TV or taking a nap on the couch, getting ready for tomorrow.
    The last three years ramadan have been pure hell for me; and I had to break my fast so many times (not just by eating but also by swearing!).
    Inshallah this year will be better.

  3. Last year your goals for Ramadan was to visit all your friends . Maybe this year will be less stressful .Hope you have a great Ramadan .Wishing your family well!

  4. Opps ! I wanted to say ... Like minds and all that , I just wrote on my blog about Ramadan coming up too .LOL ! Told you we were related !


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