Saturday, August 04, 2007

Running usual

I ran all over this morning doing odd bits of errands that needed to get done. One of them was stopping to price car stereos to replace my stolen one. In the end I found a place near my house that was reasonable. I had a chat with the shopkeeper and it turned out that he knew people I knew and so it was arranged - I'd bring my car back at four o'clock so the radio could be installed.

After that was a stop at the butcher shop to buy ground beef to make hamburgers for lunch and a stop at the green grocers to get potatoes for french fries. Hamburger buns were next... three different bakeries and no luck. I ended up getting regular rolls instead. I got home and went straight to work in the kitchen... The hamburgers were fantastic! I decided to save some of the ground beef for making taco salad tomorrow... yummy.

At four Yusef, Jenna and I took the car to get the radio put in. Jenna and I went window shopping while Yusef hung out to watch the guys installing the radio. After the car was ready we had to get gas... all the gas stations had huge lines... sigh

In the evening it was back out for another bread run. We had to go to FIVE (!) different bakeries before we found bread and the bread we finally ended up with wasn't particularly great. A stop at the supermarket and then home again.

I feel like I have been running all day. And I haven't had a break from the kids in ages, and ages. They go everywhere with me. I get in the car and some of them hop in to accompany me. I go to work and usually drag along a few there too because they are taking courses at the school I work at. My kids are getting on my last nerve. I need a break from them. I need one bad!

There's a rumour going around that the next school year will not begin until AFTER Ramadan... Has anyone heard this too? Is it true??


  1. Assalamu'alaykum,
    Hey thats so cool! My family and I also had hamburgers and fries today!
    When we were in Libya my mom made them once but we never found proper buns. I think we used this huge ones that were kind of stale. So did you ever find some good ones for hamburgers?
    That would be pretty nice if school didn't start till after ramadan! But something I didn't understand is why the kids in Libya didnt have longer breaks for eid!

    Hey Auntie Khadija! I was wondering if you could give me some advice! I just started up a blog on Libya a couple days ago:
    but I don't know how to get into the "libyan blog group" so what should I do :D

    Oh yea and maybe you should ask your husband to take the kids out to some far a way town or something so you could have a break :P

  2. You mean you don´t bake bread yourself????

    Mabrouk with the new car stereo!

  3. Mujahada - Mabrouk on the new blog. I have found some new ones and will add them all together... :)

    Safia - I have baked my own bread in the past... hamburgers are supposed to be 'fast food'... but not when you are making everything! sigh..

    Barak fiq! I downloaded some new tunes to celebrate the new stereo... now if I can figure out how to go out for a drive without the kids jumping in the car with me!

  4. Mabrouk on the car stereo, I thought the kusha near alfawanees had some good rolls ?

  5. I haven't heard any "offical " ( lol) word yet about the schools starting after Ramadan BUT ... it stands to reason that this will happen since the schools ALWAYS are late starting in the fall and Ramadan will start right around the 2nd week of Sept . this year . Who wants to teach , fast , and deal with being shut up in a hot stuffy class room with a lot of kids , without the benifit of caffine ? School almost always starts eventualy around October anyway , right ? About the bread, heard that there was a flour shortage .This might be why you had a hard time finding bread. Are they are rationing the flour to the bakers ? Just when you thought things were going well !

  6. Dear Khadija, I can't believe you really want to lose your children for a while. And there was I, thinking of sending you mine!
    It seems to be true that there is a flour shortage at the moment. They did still have nice hamburger buns at Bait AlLibi in Janzour though. Sorry! I know this is a long way from you.


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