Thursday, August 02, 2007

It all makes perfect sense

All the demolition going on these days and being reported on various Libyan blogs make me wonder if I should do a 'Where is this?' challenge that focuses on 'What was this?' instead! The knocking down and destruction is really putting lots of people on edge. People wonder if their home or workplace will be in the path. And the rumble and bumble of trucks and equipment makes everyone nervous too.

Personally I'm all for improvements but it seems that the tendency is to just knock everything down and clear everything away and then just leave vacant areas full of swirling dust. Some examples are the huge paths of houses they cleared away in strips to put in new roads or widen existing ones. They did this about three years ago in some areas and then what happened? Nothing! It's been like an abandoned project. And there are all kinds of things that get started and never finished such as the Unfinished Mosque in Benashur and the Train Tracks To Nowhere out in Ain Zarah.

But maybe this is why they are clearing things away:

The Libyan government is going to spend $136 million Euros on anti tank missiles. Oh I get it now! The cleared away areas can be used as shooting ranges for practice!... it all makes perfect sense now.

I wonder why they don't see it necessary to spend that money on schools, or hospitals?... sigh..


  1. The Milan is a portable, medium-range anti-tank weapon built by a subsidiary of EADS, jointly controlled by French and German interests.

    That's from the news article you linked.


    This is a wire guided man-portable (shoulder fired) or vehicle mounted ATGM (anti-tank guided missile).

    It is equivalent to the Dragon (also a shoulder fired wire guided ATGM) that I was trained on when I was in the Marines.

    ATGMs are good for only two things. Blowing up tanks and blowing up small buildings (like houses).

    I have two questions.

    a) Why does Q want those?


    b) Why is France selling them to Libya?

    Whose tanks is Q planning on blowing up? Or, whose houses? I don't get it. Those are not general purpose weapons systems. And they are not cheap.

  2. You miss the point ….. the illiterates and sick people are easy to lead than the literates.
    Cuz you can do and say anything and they will belief you( if listening to you cuz they always busy to find the money to feed their kids, and cheap hospitals for their patients ) .
    but the literate people, you can not lie on them by that silly words .

  3. I leave aborad and bought some land in Tajura and spent 10,000 Dinner on building a wall and a gate two years ago. when I returned this year the front wall was knocked off and clreared, the Goverment took 17 metre wide and 80 meter long,
    All was knocked off and cleared, the Government is widing the road this is in the middle of a farmland.this was nice green road with trees both sides all gone.
    No rules the government seems to do what they want when they want.
    No law no notice no compensations no market value and maybe in five years if you will get some money.
    Just knocked all down great. In Libya the public has no rights.

    They should be a law to protect people property.

  4. Funny thing is the nocked our house down ages ago!! And they still haven't finished the road even though they rushed us to get out!

  5. who are they concerned may attack through land

  6. Perhaps these missiles are for resale to some other group such as Hamas or anti-government forces in Iraq. There is always a market for arms in the Middle East. And the profits can be partly or wholly stowed away in somebody's Swiss bank account.

  7. I still wonder why u even bother asking the question why.....I think it is obvious that no logic is going to explain anything "he" does. so why bother.


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