Friday, August 24, 2007

He's back!

Hubby's come home from a business trip to Tunisia. He called home a few days after he'd been gone and I answered the phone.

Hubby: How are are things going?

Me: Ahh... fine. Ummm... when are you coming back? I need to know to make sure I have enough time to change all the locks.

Hubby: No need. I've thrown the keys into the sea somewhere near Kilibia.

Me: Fantastic! I won't have to bother myself then. Here... talk to your kids (I hand over the phone) .

This morning we all decided to sleep in late. I was awoken by the doorbell. It was hubby of course - I think he must have taken my threat to change the locks seriously because he never bothered to get out his keys.

We had a great time while he was gone. There was peace, but no quiet (there is never quiet in a house with six kids). We ate take out and never had to worry about eating at specified times. There was no Aljazeera and no bearded men screaming on the television while he was gone either. It was bliss!... sigh... Now he's back. Aljazeera is blasting away.

He did bring me back a present though. You'll never guess what it is! He bought me a bazeen stick! Isn't that just the most thoughtful thing? I can use it for cooking or .... I can beat him with it.


  1. Salam Khadija,,

    You depiction of the lybian lifestyle is very realistic, but sadly its the truth,,,

    I frankly feel, you need a vacation or a new hobby :)

    Cuz from the way i've seen, your stress levels are rising and your temper is growing shorter by the day....

    i have few suggestions,,

    1. Take all the kids to boarding skool.
    2. Open up a school and manage it
    3. Get someone to help you house-keep, or a nanny to reduce your worries (even cooking !) or something of this sort.
    4. Take up meditiation classes
    5. Sell the boys on Ebay :p :p :p

    well thats enough for now

    back to work :)

  2. Chatalaine - a bazeen stick is a long wooden stick that you need to use when making bazeen. It helps to mix the hot lump of dough (made from barley).

  3. up a school and manage it!

  4. i nearly fall laughing when read stik bazeen present, i though he was smart in choosing it but when you suggest its possible use i realized that you are much smarter

  5. Anonymous.... much smarter indeed!

  6. Dear Khadija
    I think you should carry the bazeen stick with you so you can beat up the smelly Egyptian woman who caused you trouble a few days ago.

  7. Mahmud - that might not be such a bad idea!

  8. But if you use the bazeen stick to smack the Egyptian beggar girl, you'll need a new one for cooking!

    When there's no bread at the bakery, do you make your own or do without?

  9. SJ - when there is no bread we just do without - I couldn't be bothered to make bread at home... we just eat something else.

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