Monday, August 20, 2007

Therapy in progress

In my last post I mentioned looking forward to rain. Well, it rained! Only for about three minutes and not very hard - but it was definitely raining. This is pretty common around the end of August and September. It isn't the refreshing rain that I am hoping for though but it does settle the dust a bit. Mostly is just raises the level of humidity.

And there are rumours that LTT's service will improve soon. Maybe even cutting in half the start up and monthly fees. You'll still get only 5 gigas for the month though... we'll see if rumour becomes truth.... I did notice they are playing around with their website.

Interesting things happen sometimes when you wish for things!

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  1. LTT service and Libyan Telecommunication Company are bad …… There are streets constructions in my house area and the caterpillar cut the Cable of the phone line. My Brother went many tines to the service department of the Telecommunication Company to fix it! All what they do giving you a big list of numbers list to write your phone number in it and they say ok your notification has been recorded and we will come to fix the damage…… two days no one come he go again and he must to do the same thing and hear the same words ….!!!?
    We are now since three weeks without phone and Internet connection… I think we have to look for WASTA.


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