Friday, August 10, 2007

Feeling better!

I've been feeling rather down the last few weeks. Kids at home for the summer 24/7, the oppressive heat, and also the upsetting news that a very close friend was ill, have all left me feeling very blue.

Yesterday I received a special gift from Mrs. Behi. A small blue book with a very sad looking dog on it's cover, the title of the book is written in Farsi. She opened the book for me and showed me that it was a picture book written in English on one side of the bottom of the pages with the translation in Farsi on the other side. Each page has delightful black and white photographs of animals and the words written are inspirational messages that are sometimes funny and cute, especially when you see how they go along with the animal pictures on each page. The name of the book in English is 'The Blue Day Book: a lesson in cheering yourself up' by Bradley Trevor Grieve. It's been translated into many languages.

This one is the English version

The book was perfect for me! How did Mrs. Behi know that I needed this book at this very point in my life? Ahhh... she is soooo intuitive!

When I sit down and think about everything that is happening in my life I realize that I have so much to be happy for and many blessings to count. One of the blessings is Mrs. Behi!

Thanks and God bless you!


  1. Now, I feel down that the class has finished and I cannot see you almost 8 hours during each week :(.

    I really thank you for your kind words, they made me so blushed and again for all the good works you did during this time and the eager face of yours that I'll always have in my mind,


  2. Hi Khadija,

    Thanks for your great blog.

    Can I ask a favor please if its OK, could you please remove the "snap shot" feature, its so annoying, even though I have hi-speed internet. I don't mean to impinge, but it gets in the way and makes the browsing experience awful, maybe you could take a poll on it, as in if you should remove it or not. Thanks. :)

  3. its nice to have soul mate who can read the signs when ur feeling down.nice to know that u found the book exciting and relaxing.

  4. Hi Khadija,
    Isn't that a FROG on the cover of the book? you said there was a DOG!? I'm confused :)

  5. It's a dog on the cover of my book... the English/Farsi version.. the one with the frog is the English only version.


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