Saturday, August 11, 2007

Night time!

There is something for us to do! We're going up on the roof tonight. And we're dragging an assortment of things up there with us; cushions, some pillows, a woven straw mat, tea and some snacks... oh, and most important, we're taking the telescope up there.

Why? Because tonight and tomorrow are the best nights to watch the Perseid meteor shower. August is the best month for spotting shooting stars in the northern hemisphere and conditions are ideal this year because the Perseid meteor shower peaks on the new-moon night of Sunday–Monday, August 12 th and 13th. More info here.

We don't really need the telescope - but you never know what interesting things we might find to look at with it..... most probably the neighbours.


  1. Good luck!
    Maybe you can watch a murder take place and show us the pictures.

  2. No murders.. thank God!... The weather was wonderful and we saw plenty of shooting stars. Actually it was so nice we just stayed up there and slept under the stars the whole night long and we plan to do the same again tonight.

  3. You're lucky: less light pollution and cloud than in the UK.

    Watch out for mosquitos, though!

  4. sounds like to much fun.too cloud cover here to see it. wish upon a star for me and the kids hugs holly and the kids

  5. Well, there are many amazing stars to watch in aug. nights, especially if your home if higher than the neighbourhood lol. Lucky you to have telescope, I wish i have one too lol.

  6. WOW! What a memory for everyone! You are such a unique person Teri. We are all so blessed to have you. Sandi

  7. It's always great to spend some time on the roof, face up, fingers crossed behind your head, counting the stars in the night sky, dreaming of a far away place. Time passes by, the next thing you know you, you've fallen asleep under the night sky, blindly searching for the forgotten blanket.

    wonderful ... I wish everynight is that night, cool, quiet and peaceful.


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