Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where is this? - #18

Does adding this picture help?

Another clue.... come on! This should make it too easy!

Time for another challenge. . . . If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments. Click on the picture to see an enlarged image.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


At long last , and after more than one clue, there is a winner... A. Adam said:

it's an old church the Former Catholic Church (Saint-Mari) , Now it's Mohammed Ali La`a for Arts and he also commented this: by the way I posted some pictures before in my Blog

I'm not sure if the Church is called Mohammed Ali La`a for Arts or not though. We went for a walk in the medina and came across some workers in front of the church and they said we could have a look inside.

At the door is a box for donations to help with the renovation and repairs that are currently taking place. The church is still in use by the Christian ex-pat population here despite the fact that it's pretty much crumbling and needs some serious work to put it all back to rights. The workers said the building was about 400 years old but I'm not sure how accurate that is. It does deserve preservation as it's a historical landmark and the fact that it is used by people who live and work in Libya.

In the centre of the church is a painted dome surrounded by stained glass windows. Coloured fabric banners have been strung across to prevent debris from falling down on the worshipers below.

On the wall of a chamber on one side of the church is a mosaic that commemorates the churches founders who are named in the centre of the design.

The outside is in pretty good condition. On the wall outside are two marble plaques written in Arabic. I couldn't get my husband to translate them (too busy staring at Aljazeera) - would anyone like to have a go at translating them for the non-Arabic readers (and me)?

Well done A. Adam! You won it this time!


  1. Hm....a sign in English? A building in need of repair?
    Is it the English Consul´s House in old town???

  2. Nope... keep guessing.. but the sign is a pretty big hint.

  3. American embassy? Just a wild guess!

  4. Keep trying.. not the American embassy...

  5. from the footnote on the sign, it could be a church!

  6. I think it is the big mosque next to your house that they have been building for a while?

  7. I bet it is a fund set up for the NEW American Embassy , lol ! How else will we ever get one here in Tripoli ?

  8. Welemdina... you are getting there... the footnote is a big clue..

  9. sounds like something Dear Trabilsia would do :o)

  10. I believe a church it is .
    But then again if it were the Dahra church as Akram mentioned ,the sign would've in in Italian and not in English....

    It is neither the the UK nor US Dipolomatic residences ,and asking for donations, well ,one never knows !

  11. The Byzantine Church mosaic floor in Gasr Libya?

  12. Anglo ,
    Something Trabilsia would do yes I certainly would ask for donations especially when its for the Aids ,the handicapped or the cancer struck children .
    I collect a small sum of money from our trainees when they fail to wear their id's or stick to the rules. Here a mission is acomplished killing two birds with one stone lol....

  13. Lots of answers saying church.... WHERE is it?

  14. nope....not Sabratha

  15. it's an old church the Former Catholic Church (Saint-Mari) , Now it's Mohammed Ali La`a for Arts

  16. by the way I posted some pictures before in my Blog

    i'm a dumb


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