Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Libyan Mystery

Can someone please tell me why they leave manholes open and uncovered all over the place in Libya? Usually they stick all kinds of garbage in them. Sometimes they even stick big pieces of wood, long pipes and sometimes even furniture inside the holes as a kind of flag to warn motorists.

Why are they removing the covers in the first place? Don't they realize that it is dangerous? Someone could fall in, a small child for instance. And hitting them or swerving to avoid them could cause drivers to lose control and maybe injure or KILL someone!

This particular manhole is on Jaraba Street and has been uncovered for about three weeks. You can see the cover over on the sidewalk next to the road. Why don't the boys and men that hang out for hours in the vicinity ever think to put it back on? ... Are they are too busy watching girls and women? ... Or is it the hole in the road they are watching? ... Is there a purpose for these deathtraps?

Who knows the answer to this mystery of Libyan life?


  1. That really scares me.... Not only falling in but then you don't know if someone is getting ready to come out. My gosh he could get his head knocked off!!!

  2. This is something I saw in many, mostly eastern or oriental, countries

    I assume it is metal theft...

    In Russia in the last 15 years they even stole metal monuments...

    Someone might find a profit of stealing and selling the metal covers and the others are fatalistic as usual.
    Until something horrible will happen

    But as accidents are mostly caused by Allah's will and not by human negligence I think this will continue...

  3. eifovyvthis is fact Khadija they are watching both .
    Before many years when my uncle was walking in the Gergarsh street with his brother suddenly he disappear …. You know what happen …? He fall down in one of these holes

  4. Well, maybe someone lives downthere and decided to blow the cover?

  5. this is fact Khadija they are watching both .
    Before many years when my uncle was walking in the Gergarsh street with his brother suddenly he disappear …. You know what happen …? He fall down in one of these holes.
    sorry Khadija delet the first one

  6. My Brother fall down one of these about 3 years ago in the winter while getting out of TAXI by the unviersty

  7. Connie: How can you say that accidents are caused by allahs will and not by negligence...

    If the cover was put back on it wouldn't be a problem.

    It's like when somebody is driving with a child standing against the dashboard and then they crash and the child dies or when somebody is driving way too fast and crashes and dies in a car that shouldn't be allowed on a road and somebody says its allahs will.

    It is NOTHING to do with allah, it is the arragonce, ignorance and lack of common sense that causes it.

  8. "But as accidents are mostly caused by Allah's will and not by human negligence I think this will continue..."

    oh, you didn't catch the irony or resignation from these lines ....

  9. Helloooo :) my 1st comment i guess! :)

    so many things in Libya are a mystery!!!

    one of my best friends FELL into one of those manholes, we have a big one in uni!!! poor thing!

    but what made me puzzled was the fact that the cover is right beside it!


    Salmaat, have a lovely weekend :)

  10. ok, i missed the irony, however, most libyans do would belive its allahs will

  11. This is for the "Leaders" to hide when things go wrong....such as an invasion! Mystery Solved!!

  12. Well do not feel that it only happens in Libya - it happens here in Alex, Egypt all the time. There is a manhole cover in front of my mil's home and it has disappeared at least 3 times in the last 6 months - to be replaced with a recliner one time. The last time I noticed - they had tried to insure that the thing would not be stolen again. Unlike Libya, where the cover is nearby -here in Egypt it is stolen for the metal - at least according to my sil. Welcome to the middle east - one of life's little mysteries.

  13. Here the kids take them off so they can see cars get into trouble! Stealing them for metal is a logical idea but I guess the theifs never get to far if they are left nearby? Hiding in them oh yeah someone hid in a hole recently didn't they....finally, I beleive in Allah's will. Is it not said that Allah determines the hour of our death before we are born? If so then this was their time. It was just a lousey way to go. Thats why I wonder when an arab wants blood money when someone dies at the hands of another. Was this not his hour of death as determined by Allah. He just allowed this person to do death's job? A quandry at best left to the Imams.

  14. Actually this happened here in UK in some town were potholes covers gone missing! And they found out that some gangs stealing them and break them down and shipped them to China as there is shortage in iron world wide and China is the main customer for this product, what also go missing in Libya is copper wires, they are usually get stolen from the electricity installation or warehouses, melted down and sold abroad, I watched a report about this on Libyan TV , now you know why :o)

  15. Subhan'Allah it truely is amazing. A million guys in Libya and most of them sit doing nothing when there is WORK that need to be done.
    I know there was a pothole like this by my uncles house. Someone just put a tire around it (so people would see it and not drive over it) and it stayed like that forever


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