Sunday, July 01, 2007

I've got it!

It's finally arrived! My Magic 8 Ball. Now I will be able to answer all of life's questions - well, at least the important ones. I won't have to use the one on the net. Thank you Tara! Thank you so very much!... and my students will love it too... Yes or No questions!


  1. Ok I got one. Will I ever make it back to visit and live their again? I hope its a good answer, some days I think I will never get back regardless of the promises.

  2. Fascinating!
    As I can see from your wrist, you don´t need the 8ball anymore, because you have the gold now!

  3. No - I don't have the gold.... yet.. that's just everyday gold... What are you thinking?? Bling! I need BLING!!!!

  4. Is magic bad for moslimen ?

  5. i have tried one of these in newcastel, uk i think it only has 4 answers yes , no , maybe and some thinking else i forget but good look on ur answers

  6. Actually there are 20 possible answers!


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