Friday, July 13, 2007

Adam Passed!

Imagine that ! I've gotten one kid through high school!

As soon as Adam found out the news he was on the phone with his friends making plans. He grabbed his shorts and a towel and took my beach umbrella and flew out the door to celebrate at the beach with his friends.

I'm so happy... but at the same time something about all this makes me feel old.

Best wishes to all the final year students.. I hope you are all celebrating today!


  1. congrats adam hugs holly and the kids

  2. You do not have Empty-nest syndrome :-)

    It is all in the mind, my own kids can not keep up with me in enjoying life and my kids are younger than yours. You just hope that your kids have same drive as you have, which I think they do.


  3. My apology I forgot to say congratulations.

    Music Lover

  4. Congratulations Adam. I'm so happy.

    feel old and proud Khadijateri ;)

  5. Congratulations Adam.
    Sister Khadija somthing about all this makes you feel older, NOT OLD.

  6. You are getting OLD. Just kidding! Congradulations for Adam's graduation.

  7. A Persian poem says:

    The old is not the black hair to get white
    The young with no passion in his/her heart is old.

    Wish him all the best

  8. congratulations
    dont wory i am old too

  9. congratulations to Adam . well done .
    at least the hard work is over now the summer times to enjoy,
    feeling old ,thats not what we like to hear,have a big pary lets the fun start,

  10. Congratulations Adam!!!!

    KhadijaTeri you still have more chicks in the nest. Enjoy them!!

  11. Congratulations to Adam. We all can't wait to see him.

  12. Tahaneya to Adam!! Passing the final exam of the high school is the greatest accomplishment to achieve in Libya, in most countries student will get a high school diploma if they have a good attending record.

  13. Alf mabrouk and uqbalu...he will make you and the family proud inshallah.

  14. Congratulations to Adam and you Khadija
    my brother also finish his high school ….but he is so sad cuz his degree was 84.6% and he needs 85% to medicine college .

  15. Well congrats are in order: Mabrouk Adam !

    Makes you feel old??? You are my dear as old as you choose to be.
    I usually blurt out my age to my students Teri leaving them speechless and Im not 27 lol.

    With your kids growing up you'll be sharing diferent experiences. It wont be the same but it'll be fun. May they do well and have the best in life.

    May Allah bless you and your lovely family.

  16. You did a great job with him ! mabrouk and oqbal the rest of the siblings :)


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