Thursday, July 26, 2007

Should I take a break from blogging?

Lately I've been depressed. I get this way every summer. It's a combination of the heat, having to look at my kids 24/7 and lack of sleep:
  • The weather is hot and humid.. today the weather report says 86% humidity - it almost feels like Florida here.
  • I am sick of my kids. They do nothing but fight all the time and I even drag some of them with me to work so really I never get a break from them.
  • And I'm not getting enough sleep because the kids are up until late (fighting and watching TV) and even though I just give up and go to bed I still find the noise they make disturbing.
I was chatting to my mother about the idea of taking a break from blogging. My blog has just turned into a big long list of depressing! But my mother says she enjoys reading about what I'm up to and she likes knowing that the kids are driving me crazy. She keeps mentioning something about it being 'pay back time'.

Today I decided to break up the monotony and go to the museum. I took Jenna and Sara and we planned to meet Tara and her stepsons who had never been to the museum. I made sure to park my car in the safest place I could.. about 25 feet away from an ATM machine and on a main road. We did our thing in the museum and I was happy and content. The feeling of depression was fading! Oh at last I would be able to post something uplifting on my blog! Nothing to complain about now! I'm happy!

Then back to the car to go home. What do you suppose we found?

Car door open... no radio.... sigh.......


  1. Khadija !
    shit happens as we say ! your blog is continous source of energy and happyness for all of us so please don't let us down !
    take care!

  2. asalaam alaikum
    dont be so depressed khadija- look summer is peaking and the days must be getting shorter. ur kids will be back to school before u know it. pretty soon they will be grown up and u can get depressed then if you want!( u probably won't, though!) meanwhile, lots of people like ur blog but if leaving it aside for awhile will help lighten your load, ditch it immediately. u dont need to blog to communicate with ur family. take care and good luck aa

  3. be happy Khadijateri, I felt happy for you when you went to the museum but not when you found your car without a radio, sometimes we think we found safest place to park a car but in the end it's not.. Thanks Allah, you find the car, cause you can't back home without your car.. tomorrow u'll buy new radio or live without it.

  4. its to bad about your radio... but even in the safest place things like this happen... get your self a new radio something that looks old and beat up so people who are looking for a new radio will pass yours by.... hugs holly and the kids

  5. Come on, sis K, you´re gonna laugh at that museum-car-radio situation later!

    Please/Don´t you dare stop bloggin! We all enjoy your blog far too much :P

    Sometimes my kids make me depressed, too. Just yesterday I was almost crying before I went to work because they were at it again, shouting and harassing each other with stupid remarks, slamming the doors, using bad language; I had to threaten and shout just 5 minutes before I had to leave the house. Leaving my house I checked the mail, and my accountant had sent his bill. Coming home, I just managed to escape a 100 USD fine for free riding the train by running to the platform from the train shuttle before the ticket guy started asking for tickets. I did not ride the train free for fun; I had lost my ticket by accident.

    These things happen! Allah (swt) does not give us anything to carry that we cannot carry.

    Be strong! Use your sense of humor!
    There is a reason for everything to happen, even if you can´t see the reason at all.


  6. It sounds like you need to mix things up in your life Teri. Doing the same things over and over day in day out can get anyone down, it does me. Start a new adventure with your kids. Learn a new something.. anything. Start a new hobby with the kids.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of your radio - that is a real bummer. I do enjoy keeping up to date wth you - nice to know that I am not the only one struggling with every day ups and downs - especially frustrating when it seems to be all downs - but I must admit that blogging helps me to keep my sanity - now be nice - before you jump in and say what sanity. I did have some at some time - likely a long time ago - but ... that is another story. Do what you need to do to be happy - we will understand.

  8. Gosh Teri, sounds like you are human!! Thanks for sharing and being real about who you are and what you think. Love it!

    After smoking for 48+ years, I stopped smoking cigs. (7 1/2 mo)and had to stop blogging for awhile because sitting in front of the computer is where I did my smoking, in the room designated for smoking...........

    Some days are just the pits. Hang in there and take care of you. Sandi

  9. What you need is a break, even for couple of days, how about a visit to Tunisia with a friend just to chill out? Kids when they get older they wont remember what you gone through, they just have their own life to live and leave the house and life goes on. My advice is to slow down and pause, we are human being after all and we need breaks to re-energise our bodies.
    The incident at the car park is a common practice in Tripoli unfortunately, it did happen to me when I was there couple years ago, I was driving my brother's car and I had to visit the British embassy which located at al Fateh Tower, so I parked the car inside their car park, and after I finished what I came for, I noticed the wheels look different, then I discovered that the covers for the wheels got stolen! What made me laugh is when I drove through the gate initially, the police checked the car etc. talking about tight

  10. I did my share of complaining in my blog. Decided to avoid it, but I am happy to see that I am not the only one in this situation.

  11. that's wat happened to me last week in tripoli.
    lol never mind!

    holydays are very important. are you slave to your blog? :-D you should take a break that's very recommended.

    respect & discipline: your kids need to learn how to not disturb your tranquility and those who are living by side. you can do that and help them.

  12. Your blog is a beautiful outlet and wonderful record of your life and interests.....many of us "out here in the world" read it and follow it...even though we don't always comment....if you stop blogging....we wouldn't know about life in your part of the world.....

    I have two teen boys home this summer and I appreciate what you are saying....take a deep breath.



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