Saturday, July 14, 2007


The promise that we would get our flat painted as soon as all the exam results came in is being fulfilled. The paint has arrived, along with the rollers and brushes.

This evening the kids removed all the furniture and carpeting from the living room and entry. We are ready to paint. Now we wait for the painter, also known as Mustafa the Procrastinator, to get started. In the meantime the kids are having a great time singing, yodeling and making noise just so they can hear themselves echo.

I have a headache.


  1. I'm sorry for your headache, but it was a funny piece to read. I hope you will write something about the procrastinating painter. Regards, Anna

  2. what color are you going to paint the flat hugs holly and the kids

  3. The living room is finished... we're painting off white... the entry is next. I'm gonna have to disconnect my computer while they do it. I am dreading the kitchen... emptying out the cupboards so we can move them to paint behind is gonna be a chore. Maybe we will do the bedrooms first.

    So far no one is fighting. Mr. Procrastinator got everyone started and then took off. The kids are having a ball! My headache is a bit better today too.

  4. I am thinking that you must be getting ready to move into your new home? Are you painting so that when you move the home will be ready for the next people?

  5. Chatalaine... aahhhh moving.. when will that happen? We've painted the inside of the house but the outside is still unpainted and the landscaping and garden need to be done as well as having custom kitchen made and put in. It will take forever at the speed Mr Procrastinator does things... sigh...

    In the meantime i cannot live in a flat full of fingerprints and dirty marks on the walls... chipped plaster...uuugh.

  6. Khadijateri I am with you on that!!!
    We are painting as well. Put a new fresh face on the place.
    I hope you are having a nice summer.


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