Thursday, July 05, 2007

A long weekend

Yesterday was the 4th of July, a holiday in America, but an ordinary day in Libya. But in a way it wasn't an ordinary day for me as I'm having a 4-day weekend. The break from work is because the building that I work in is being used to hold a wedding. I'm rather enjoying the much needed break.

Yesterday I spent the morning out scouting around Tripoli for a ceiling fan to replace the one in my entry. Libyans as a rule don't use ceiling fans. They think if you install an air conditioner that you don't need a fan, but I like the air to circulate in any season. Having a fan going keeps the house cooler in summer too. Unfortunately they only sell two models here - without lights, or with lights. A rather boring selection and both kinds are cheap. But I bought one anyway - the kind with lights. I also picked up an occilating fan with a floor stand and an electric popcorn maker. Guess what we had for lunch yesterday? POPCORN! (I made hubby a hamburger when he came home)

In the evening we went to the Islamic Gardens, or it is the Islamic Museum? or the Ola club? I'm never sure what they call that place. It's in Sidi Khalifa. It's a nice family place that you have to pay to get in, and then pay to let the kids play on amusement park rides. There is also a playground and various areas with tables. Who do you suppose I found there? Mani! We got a table in the fruit juice bar section of the garden and had tall fresh fruit drinks and the kids ran around while Mani filled me in on all his ideas of reform.... hmmm... reform... Well, I forgive him - he's only 24 after all.

This morning we got up bright and early. Tara came over and we piled in the car and headed for the beach to go snorkeling. It was wonderful. The water was nice and refreshing, full of fish. I saw only one jellyfish - by next month the water will be full of them as they seem to multiply in August for some reason. We saw one old man sitting in a beach chair - he looked just like an old man you would find on a beach in Florida. Tara and I decided he was a guy in the witness protection plan, living out his days on the beach in Tajoura (instead of some beach in Florida). We left him in peace and piled in the car to go home at 10:30.

The kids have all showered and are sitting in front of the TV watching 'The Wizard of Oz'. I'm going to take my turn in the shower and wash off all the salt and sand.

I have the rest of the weekend to look forward to. I hope all my friends and family had a nice and safe 4th of July.

Mom.... Where are you???


  1. I wish you a wonderful weekend & happy 4th July.

  2. sorry to say i had to work but i got to see some of the fireworks in tampa from the building i work in. they were very nice but it would have been nice to see them up close. so it was basically just another day for me... mom and tony just got back from indianaposlis. hugs holly

  3. Mom's computer is D-E-A-D and needs to be replaced. Mom is home and she is fine.

  4. Snorkeling... one of my fondest memories from Tripoli. I found the top of an old Roman clay jug. I am not sure that was what it was ,old or Roman, but it is nice to think it might be. When I left Tripoli for the last time I packed it away in my shipping box. Once the box got to the States it was gone. Hmm maybe it was old and someone took it out before the box left Libya? Who knows? It is fun to think I might have had a treasure even for a short time!
    Thank you KhadijaTeri for bringing back such a fun memory!!!

  5. happy 4th of July, I spent yesterday being to the movies to watch the latest Die Hard (4.0) movie, wasn't bad.. enjoy sea while the weather is good.. Ghazi

  6. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

    Love popcorn anytime of day - a meal in itself. :-)

    LOL@the guy in the 'witness protection' program lounging on the beach.

  7. wishing you a lovely weekend inshaAllah :o)

  8. what a lovely day u must off had i wish i was in ur place but my parents are busy with the house maintains

  9. Happy 4th Khadijateri! Sounds like you had a great time as usual :)

    The Ola club is not bad for socialising yes.

    Libyans as a rule don't use ceiling fans. They think if you install an air conditioner that you don't need a fan,

    I'm not sure that's an accurate description of Libyan mentality towards fans though. I think it is simply the fact of the more effective cooling method - airconditioners are better at cooling and more importantly combatting humidity which is the main problem with the summer heat in this climate change environment. Basically cooling devices are made of all types and sizes to suit all pockets if one can afford the top of the range one buys it others buy water cooler or fans which are less expensive or to save electricity because for some people this is an issue too right ? It's basically personal preference and economic drive :P Not Libyan mentality in my humble opinion.

    This is how an AC unit works nowadays :

    Aircon also circulates air since it has fins/fans which swing up and down. Additionally if you are using airconditioning you are traditionally closing windows right for the law of thermodynamics to work correctly so the ceiling fan is only circulating the air as you said but in a closed environment in the room but not moving it out and bringing in fresh oxygenated air :) basically it's simply your personal preference.

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend two more days for you :)

    PS why are they using your building for a wedding is that allowed ?

  10. Highlander... I've noticed that when we have the fans going at the same time as the air conditioner than the ac doesn't have to work as hard. The air flows better throughout the house. Also the fan blades on most ceiling fans are reversible - in the winter you turn them so that the hot air is forced downwards and the opposite in warmer weather. In Florida, where I am from, most people have ceiling fans in every room of the house and use them simultaneously with the AC.

    The people that own the building wanted to use the facilities for their wedding because we have a nice tiled open area outside and it's covered so that it's cool in the summer. They rarely ask to use it (and since it is owned by them it is their right). - I was happy to have the four day weekend... My kids and I are having fun and so far we haven't gotten on each other's nerves....yet..

  11. Thanks for the explanation Khadijateri :) about the rationale for the use of fans. It still means though that this is a personal preference and not a 'need' hence my objection about the part in which Libyans are described as : "They think if you install an air conditioner that you don't need a fan ".

    What you explained is that using a fan gives an enhanced cooling experiment and perhaps less drain on the AC but is not necessarily a need which Libyans lack in understanding.

    As for the building I got the point thanks for the explanation on that as well.

  12. I think using A/C and fans to cool the house needs more energy and operate them, and not to forget running the fridge, the freezer, the washing machine the dishwashers, TV, PC’, lights, water pumps etc.. These items what most big houses in Libya have and they are contributing to the frequent power cuts that the big cities experience lately.
    Does environmentally friendly or Eco houses exist?


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