Friday, July 06, 2007

Day three of my long weekend

We all woke up late today. It was 11 am when I got out of bed and had my first cup of coffee. I started lunch (couscous) by 11:30 and then went on to enjoy my second cup of coffee. Everyone else was still asleep.

As everyone slowly started to wake up, one by one, the house became noisier and noisier. The males went off to the mosque for Friday prayers and I got the lunch finished and ready to put on the table.

After lunch there was a unanimous decision to shave Ibrahim's head. Why? I'm not sure... I guess it just sounded like a good idea - to everyone except Ibrahim. He had to be chased down and forced. Now that his head has been shaved he's happy.

The afternoon was spent just hanging out. This evening we highlighted Sara's hair and I did the usual run to the store for bread, tuna, milk and cheese.

Boring, the day was boring. Tomorrow hopefully we'll go to the beach. Ibrahim says I can take a picture of his head tomorrow at the beach.

1 comment:

  1. Wise decision to shave his head. He will appreciate it during the really hot days!


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