Saturday, July 28, 2007

So totally gross

Jenna and I went out this evening and there was a car in front of us when we were stuck in the traffic. He had a dvd in the sunvisor thing... he was watching porn...ewe


  1. They do that here in the US too. Guys think that they are being cool.

  2. It happened to me once; I thought the guy was watching porn in his big SUV but it was only a hot music video with a girl in a mini bikini under waterfalls.

  3. Modern Sex Education in Public :-)

    It is not funny when it happens when your kid is present. People who install these dvd players in their cars or vans are either lazy self centered parents or have loose screws in their brains.


  4. Istahgfilullahalathim!

    But why does that not surprise me????

  5. Safia - Nothing is surprising me anymore... maybe that's why I've been feeling so depressed lately. All the garbage that goes on around me. In the past year my family has been victims of theft on more than one occasion - my daughter was exposed to by a weirdo on her way home from school, we've had to look at dirty hospitals, rubbish in the streets, drug dealers and prostitutes working within a few meters of our house - and we live in what is considered a 'good' neighbourhood! uuuggghhh now we have to deal with weirdos watching porn in the 'privacy' of their cars...

    Jenna asked me 'Do you do that with Daddy?'... I had no idea how to answer her!

  6. csxsIn 1975, at the university in Tripoli, I never forget the sight of Libyan Hooligans chasing female Libyan students with sticks in the corridors of the College of Science.

    We are in 2007, do I expect the Libyans are going to behave better than 30 years ago. What you see around you is the cause of passive behaviour of Libyans.


  7. to tariq

    ahhhh the goog old days!!


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