Sunday, July 08, 2007

My life's news

I spent the morning looking in shops that sell light fixtures. The house has reached the stage of installing lighting and I am not thrilled with anything I've seen in the shops. We drove from one place to the next, getting in and out of the air conditioned car and we finally found our way to Suk Thalat and parked and just walked from shop to shop. Nothing appealed to me. It was depressing. I just ended up making myself hot, tired and grumpy. Lunch was two roasted chickens bought on the way home. I don't think I could have faced the kitchen.

Facing the kitchen these days is depressing. My stove is in the shop getting repaired. It had started turning the bottom of my pots and pans black with soot. So I removed it from the kitchen and it sat in the stairway until Mustafa decided to take it to be repaired. In the meantime I have been using a tiny tabletop type stove that has two burners. I call it the Barbie stove. Unfortunately I am not married to Ken... cooking on the Barbie stove is getting old fast... Mustafa promised my stove will be back this week. If it doesn't come back soon I am going to go off to look for Ken. If I have to cook on a Barbie stove then I need to have Ken too!

It was a busy day. I went to work after my nice 4-day weekend to find
the electricity had gone out. Also another teacher was absent because
he had a death in his family. I gave my students some reading to work on and filled in for my colleague. The other teachers gave out extra busy work. No one wanted to get too 'into' anything because if it got too hot we planned to just send everyone home. Thankfully the electricity turned back on and we were able to finish the day.

Here is some good news - I have renewed my faith in the Libyan Post Office! Today we checked and found a copy of the National Geographic and also the Muslim Directory arrived - the one that has a picture that I took of the ksar in Nalut. I wrote about it in a previous post. The picture is on the page that lists information about Libya. It's not a colour photograph but it's there and that makes me happy.

Mom..... Where are you?


  1. Mom's Computer is still dead...

  2. I really appreciate your suggestions, thanks for the comment. I will try to be early in every session. :)

  3. Mother has been complaining that she hasn't heard from you. She needs a new computer. Should we all chip in and get her one?

  4. Mom has a new computer now...

  5. congrats on getting your picture published....its quite certainly have an eye for photography...and it shows always on your blog.


  6. Thanks for your nice compliment regarding the Libyan Post Office. New look for the Libyan Post Office ,soon, will appear with additional new postal services.


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