Tuesday, January 03, 2006

an update on my life

It's the second week of the kids exas. They seem to be doing ok - and I am surviving too. After they finish exams they will have a two week holiday. It will coincide with the Islamic holiday Eid Al Adha - a holiday that honors Prophet Abraham and the sacrifice of the ram.

I'm not looking forward to the Eid. We always spend it at my in-laws with the family all gathering there to sacrifice their sheep in honor of the occasion. Eid is hard work - lots of time is spent cutting up meat. The last few years we hired a butcher to come help out, but there is still lots of work involved. My kids don't even like lamb, so I usually slice it thin, salt it and dry it so it lasts about a year. We use the meat when we feel like eating something quickly - macaroni umbukbaka. This year I told Mustafa just to give the meat away - I really don't feel like going to all the trouble to dry it. It's not that I'm being lazy - it's just that we still have meat left from last year.

We've talked about going to Tunis for a visit right after Eid. I could use a break, but this requires getting an exit visa for me. That in itself is not difficult - the difficult thing is getting Mustafa to go and apply for it etc. . . What does one have to do to get that man to move? - Light a fire under him? Anyway, after nagging him for more than a month, I finally told him that if I must have the visa in my hands by Wednesday morning or I will not be going to Tunis. He just said 'Don't worry! It's so easy and only takes a day!' - I informed him that I need to make arrangements with work no later than Wednesday. . . .Sigh . . . We'll see what happens. I certainly could use a break.

It's 2006 . . I haven't made any New Years resolutions, have you?


  1. ohh you still have meat left from last year .
    I will tell that to my mother . we donàt have may be our family bigger than you have . by the way wish you
    bonne journée . Visite Tunisie. et prenez votre visa aussitôt que possible.



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