Monday, January 23, 2006

Back to work :)

I went back to work yesterday after a two week break. It was nice to go back because sitting in the house was driving me crazy. Everyone seemed happy to be back and the students said they wished we had class last week. These kinds of comments make me happy!

The students informed me that they wanted to take Tuesday off so they could watch the football match between Libya and the Ivory Coast. They wanted to cheer Libya on. 'What's the point?' I asked. 'Libya is only going to lose. They lost miserably to Egypt the other day - zero to three. How embarrassing!' I said.

They were adamant that we cancel the class. I told them they could come to class and have their friends send them text messages whenever Libya scored a goal (which probably wouldn't happen). 'But we have to SEE the players make the goal!' they replied.

We came to a compromise. Those students who didn't come to class on Tuesday would have to bring pizza and drinks for the class on Wednesday. If Libya loses (most likely) they have to also bring a tray of Cak (a Libyan cookie in the shape of a zero). If by some miracle Libya wins they have to bring ubumbar and rozata (almond macaroons and almond drink). Whatever happens we'll have a party on Wednesday.

Other news in my life is that the water pump has died. Mustafa is out trying to revive it and of course the weather is cold, windy and rainy so he is outside complaining. . . sigh . . . sometimes I think I should have married a plumber. The good news is that without water I don't have to cook today - we get to have sandwiches. You see - there is a good side and bad side to every situation here in Libya.


  1. Peace ,KhadijaTeri everyday I know more about you.I am happy too back to study not working as I used to do in last year. and about Football match we talk about this today at frecnh class because we usually don't study on Tuesdays now we have to come to class tomorrow becasue the vaction we took in Eid Al-udha , four days a week.
    out of curiosity where you are teaching , I want to bring some Pizza too :).
    you want to know how libya will play
    Very Funny!

  2. I haven't had pizza in a while , so maybe I will show up at the ( since I know where you teach. lol Adam ! )school on Weds. Always up for a party ! Syd

  3. i can see how football is importante to the usa.
    you guys don't like it, make fun of the people who like it, and even has another name for it: soccer!! come on!!
    i do hope that libya wins!
    pizza and soda are much better with smile.

  4. I haven't had pizza in a while , so maybe I will show up at the ( since I know where you teach. lol Adam ! )school on Weds. Always up for a party ! Syd
    I know the place but I can't come I have my cours too, study all day long makes me very tired. Have a nice party and wish me luck hey syd take my pizzza since I won't be there

  5. Vacations for parents dont count if the kids are home as well.


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