Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An exit visa?? or a trip to h-e-l-l?

In my last post I mentioned the trials and tribulations of getting Mustafa to get me an exit visa. Well . . . progress at last! He arrived home and waved it under my nose and said 'See I got the thing in about an hour.' - yes . . after I nagged him nearly to death.

So what did he do next? . . . He sat himself down in MY chair and picked up the phone, dialed his brother's number and proceded to invite his brother and mother along on a trip to Tunis. Tell me please - What on earth did I do to deserve this punishment?

Today I went to work and my students asked me how long they would get off for the Eid holiday. I told them I really wasn't sure yet. Then I explained to them that I might be taking a trip to Tunis. I also added that it all hinged on whether the Azooza (old lady or mother-in-law) would be going or not. Azooza goes, I stay - Azooza stays, I go. Well, they thought this was very funny - one student actually fell on the floor he was laughing so hard.

This isn't funny to me - I like my Azooza, actually I could honestly say I love her - but not on holiday. The idea of having my mother-in-law, or any other Libyan women on a trip with me for that matter, just isn't my idea of a holiday. I want to eat what I want, when I want. I don't want to be worrying over cooking pots of macaroni and dragging along the teapot for the endless cups of tea. What kind of holiday would it be if I spent it in the kitchen? - I do that at home more than enough all ready. And of course I want to go out and have a nice time, spend money without having someone comment: 'For the price of that we could have bought a whole sheep!' Uggghhhh!

Tunis is sounding like a dream now . . . . we'll see how it turns out . . . . I'll keep you posted.


  1. I didn't know you would need an exit visa even for a short trip! What's an exit visa by the way? Never heard of it!

    A holiday should be a holiday, no cooking, cleaning and what not!

    Well, whatever decision you have made, enjoy yourself!

  2. an exit visa who need this .
    Not libyan people who wants to go out of Libya and back . Am I right?

    Khadija I am interesting while I am reading every topic in your Blog . By the Way that student who was laughing hard, Azzouza . I can't explain his behavior .

    Happy Eid . have nice Holiday with out coocking or cleaning the same like redenclave says


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