Thursday, January 05, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been busy lately, very busy! Ibrahim had some kind of tummy virus, or something and was going full speed ahead from both ends for about 24 hours. I ran out to the pharmacy to get him some medicine to see if it would help, but it was useless - he just threw it all up. The worst thing was that as sick as he was, he still had an appetite and wanted to eat - which then he promptly threw up.

I've never been very good with sick kids. And vomitting I cannot really deal with - I don't even like to hold babies because they might spit up - YUCK! Mustafa is pretty good about helping out in times like this, and Nora and Sara pitched in to help out too. He's feeling better now, but I am wondering how long it will take me to catch up on all the laundry. And I'm also wondering whether whatever he had was contagious. Time will tell.

The kids have officially finished their exams and they are now on holiday! Woe is me! I am going into work today for the last time before the holidays, and I'm not going back in again until the 22nd of January. This doesn't mean I'm not working though as I have a workshop that I'll be giving in February to prepare for, and a presentation to prepare for that I'll be giving in March - so lot's of work for me. Aside from that there is the Eid as well - a whole big mess in itself.

Tunis - now that's another story. My exit visa is ready and now we are deciding on when to leave and who will come along. Of course all the kids want to go but I am limiting it to 2 kids only. Plus I'm not sure what other relatives are going to come along. There is still no definite answer from my mother-in-law. Wait and see.

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