Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Eid Day

Happy Eid! - Yes the day has arrived. We got up bright and early and Mustafa went off to Eid prayers while I got the kids and all our supplies ready to go to my mother-in-law's house for the big day. The sheep were allready there - waiting so patiently.

I kind of like this picture. The blood is a vivid red and the shadow of my brother-in-law holding the knife looks threatening. He definitely got the job done.

The weather turned out not to be so bad after all. It rained on and off, but very light and the sun was shining most of the time. We worked in the garage.

Every Libyan woman's nightmare is cleaning out the stomach and intestines. The are then stuffed with a mixture of parsley, onions, chopped up meat, liver, kidney, heart, lung, and fat, rice and chopped potatoes. It's called osban and I personally, I hate it. I won't eat it, but hubby and the kids love the stuff. - Yuck!!!

The kids sucked down can, after can, after can, of soda pop. You would have thought they never had a chance to drink the stuff in their lives.

We took some of our meat home and I stuck it in the freezer and cleaned up. Another Eid day done! Happy Eid to all! Posted by Picasa


  1. That sounds like Haggis in Scotland. Nice pictures.

  2. Eid Mubarak, you survived and so did I but I didn't have many inlaws to deal with this time around.

    The dish sounds utterly gross, how people sit and eat fat is beyond me to begin with. blaaahhh

  3. It's called osban and I personally, I hate it. I won't eat it, but hubby and the kids love the stuff. - Yuck!!!

    Your kids fight over who going to eat the eyeballs of the fish...Now Thats's YUCK!

  4. Yes, my friend from Scotland said it's similar to haggi except haggis has oats in it.

    Kris: I think the kids fight over the fish eyes just to see the look on your face (there is a little bit of Billy in all of them you know). :)

  5. Osban is fantastic :) I survived Eid day it was a good Eid this year . Today it is raining hard and windy !

  6. Happy Eid, Khadija. About usban... ou said potatoes in the stuffing? First time I hear that! lol

    Hey, good luck with the azooza and the rest... you stick for yourself pretty well, I see... more power to you!

  7. That sounds great, love the pictures, and osban is soo good you guys are crazy lool, any how Eid Mubarak, Libya Connected


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