Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inside Myself

Inside Myself
I search to see what I can see
Inside myself

What can I see
Inside myself . . .

I see the past
Faded at the edges
Inside myself

Warm feelings of childhood
Growing up
Inside myself

Forever young
Inside myself

Inside myself

Inside myself

Inside myself

Adventures that I've taken
Some I wish to take
Inside myself

My life's dreams
Hopes and ambitions
Inside myself

Turning inward
Inside myself

Myself inside, Inside myself

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  1. beautiful poem... so... is that a picture of you?? if so, wow, what gorgeous eyes you have!

  2. Thank you - yep, it is my eye. Not sure that it's gorgeous some people told me it looked creepy! lol

  3. Your eyes are so lovely and so is your poem . Thanks for sharing it .

  4. Who said its Creepy ?Please tell him or her ,,,Do your self a favour and see a DOc. the poem is wonderful
    thank you Mrs Khadija for both leting us see the eye and for the wonderfull poem

    Punch line


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