Monday, August 15, 2005

PhotoFriday - Violet

PhotoFriday - Violet Posted by Picasa

It seems like everything in my cabinet is violet these days - or is it lavender, or purple, or lilac, or mauve, or amethyst, or heliotrope, or plum, or eggplant, or periwinkle, or aubergine . . . .


  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Ummm... giggling... maybe you should point out that "douche" just means shower - so this "douche gel" is just soap for the shower.

  2. Yes - douche means shower. I've been here too long. Thanks for reminding me, I used to laugh about that when I first came to Libya.

  3. Ahh, must be imported from france... didn't realise it till I read the comments. How Libya has changed over the years. Years back these things were hardly found on the shelf of Libyan Supermarket. We had to either bring them from Malaysia @ order through Osterman & Peter Styversant, me thinks!(shopping catalog)

  4. Purple is my favorite color - especially amethyst!


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