Friday, August 05, 2005

Weird eating habits

An interesting thing is going on in my kitchen - it involves our black cat and cucumbers. It seems the cat has a passion for cucumbers. She loves to eat them - which is probably pretty weird. But she loves them to the point where she will steal them right out of the refrigerator when you open the door. If she thinks you are going to open the fridge she comes running over and hangs around waiting by your legs. As soon as the door opens she pops into the fridge and grabs a cucumber - sticking her claws in, then puts it in her mouth and runs off with it. She usually hides under the kitchen table and crunches away until she is finished and then takes up her post, waiting for someone to open the fridge again. She likes tomatoes too, but not as much as cucumbers. Very weird!

Has anyone else got a cat with weird eating habits?


  1. I had a cat, Bishi, who loved cucumber as well. Amazing, she used to do the same thing as your cat!
    Though, my friend’s cat loves melon and strawberries, weird, eh!

    Voila: grey paw prints
    On the countertops. What an
    Artistic statement!

    I just adore cats.

  2. i had one who use to love chocolate lol...but cucumber this is hilarious, try to take a photo for us once please ..

  3. I had a dog that used to do the exact opposite -- at least with pickles. After going on long hikes we used to take him to McDonalds and get him a hamburger. He'd wolf the thing in one bite -- just a flash of teeth -- and then spit out the pickle. It is not like he slowly ate it and then worked around the pickle; he just ate and spit in one smooth move.

    I would sometimes get him hamburgers just to show people that did not believe me.

  4. our cat seems to love dog food and is getting fat eating it all the time... our dog loves fruits and veggies and will beg for them!

  5. I'm from Malaysia and had a friend who's had a cucumber eating cat as well. Now it seem to me that's not quite an isolated thing after all.

  6. Our cat goes wild over Dill weed . Just as if it was Catnip ! She loves tp steal it and toss it into the air .

  7. One of our cats really likes peas, corn, and baked beans and will grab your hand with a claw when you have a spoonful. A friend of mine has a cat who goes absolutely nuts for cantaloupe.

  8. at least the cucumber addict is a healthy eater! my cat has a really sweet tooth. really. he's crazy about basbousa. ^_^


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