Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The phone and other stuff

Yesterday I picked up the phone to make a call and had the sweet voice of the recording you get telling you that it's time to pay the phone bill. In Libya when it's time to pay the bill they just cut it off and you go in and pay it and they turn it back on again. They are nice enough to leave it on recieving calls for a few days - so please call me - I can't call you!

Paying is a two step process. Mustafa went to day to see how much the bill will be. He will come home and complain that the bill is too high and that we use the phone too much - then he will go and pay it. Hopefully he will pay it the same day - but sometimes he gets pissed off about it and since he really hates standing in lines too he may wait a few days. Keep your fingers crossed - I will be online from the comfort of my own home again in the near future, dressed in my pajamas. Until then I am down the street in the internet cafe with Arabic music blasting in the background and weirdos looking at my monitor hoping to get a glimps of my sign-in name for the messenger so they can send me weird messages.

The weather the past few days has been bearable. Last night after work Mustafa and I went out for a drive and headed out toward the beach. We like to go to a place called Sidi Andulsi which is actually the tomb of an old holyman from long ago. It is high on a hill overlooking the sea in Tajoura. There are some people that think the old holyman had special powers and they gather there occasionally to have some kinds of festivals called hadara. This is totally against Islam but it's very interesting to watch. Last night there was a hadara there and it was packed with people. They chant and work themselves into a frenzy - Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me.

Allah'Hi! Allah'Hi!


  1. I have tons of photos of Hadra ...ah i just need more time to get my life organised ...I am unable to get organised why ???????????

  2. Ahhh - Highlander please post some hadra pictures! That would be interesting.

    Yes - I am getting spam on my comments section - so annoying - I try to remove them as fast as I can.

    I'll have to get a bit more organized and look at the website - thanks.

  3. I hate phones. We got our 14 year old a cell phone. Phone bill comes it is $350. Seems he thought he could surf the net for free.

  4. I would need to take a whole week off and seal myself in my room to reorganize my folders, they are all over the place, online, in CDs, flash memories, old floppies, portable external hard disk drives, memory cards ..... *sigh* then when I find the hadra stuff I will post it ...I think you are looking at a dealdline after Ramadan , my life would hopefully be better sorted out by then ;) be patient everyone the photos are really worth it :)

  5. Khadija, Tareq and redenclave I agree how annoying about the spam.

    abusinan : 350 $ what ????? take the cell phone away from your kid .

  6. Your story rings many bells of years ago in Libya... thanks for bringing back the memories with sarcastic humor--very true though!


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