Thursday, August 11, 2005

Will summer ever end?

This summer seems to be dragging on - it's not because I am sitting around with nothing to do - I don't think I have ever been busier - work and social commitments are keeping me on the go.

The kids are bored to death though and that is making me crazy. I never remebered being bored during the summer when I was growing up. There were a million and five things to do - but my kids just want to listen to music, watch cartoons and play with the playstation (actually they quit playstation because it got too boring). The boys have their bicycles and that keeps them happy, but it makes me nervous as I'm always worried they might get into an accident - the drivers here pay no attention to kids playing in the neighborhood.

Nora has been taking English lessons this summer and comes to the school with me to help out. She is enjoying her role as a gopher and it's giving her something to occupy her time. She got a 98 on her last quiz - I was happy but she cried because she wanted to get full marks!

Adam has been working in the medina at his uncle's shop. He is training to be an apprentice silver/gold smith. He grumbles that its too hot to be stuffed into a small workroom with burners that are hot enough to melt metals, but I told him to stick it out and learn something that would be useful - he's skeptical about the usefulness of it all. Oh teenagers! Aren't they wonderful!

Mustafa is off working on the house - poor man is turning grey! Hopefully I will go out to the building site and get some pictures tomorrow. I haven't been to the building site in a while and I hope to see some progress. He's got a new tiler working as the previous one had to go back to his country to see his father who was ill. Mustafa is not so sure about the new tiler - but then he never has any patience with these so called 'skilled' workers.


  1. Hi Khadijateri, I don't know why everytime I read a post from you I get the feeling I know you ....never mind .Tripoli is too small anyway lol.
    Yes summer is dragging on too long but what can you do the dates need to rippen up as the saying goes .

  2. You probably know me . . . YOU are the one hiding behind a pen name ;) Eventually I will catch you out and figure out who you are! hehe

  3. K-Teri, you should know by now, that there is no " vacation time " in Libya. That's why all the locals go to Tunisia, Europe, Dubai or Egypt, for their vacations. In Libya, there are only two types of people. Those who's life is work; and those who's life is a waste of time.

    If someone isn't creative in filling up time time doing things, there will became alienated and depressed.

    Summer tips: Horseback riding -the beach - picnic at the ruins - eating out - etc...

  4. I have been happy to see Owen and Oliver using the gamecube less... and the "I'm bored" statements coming... cause they have to go back to school in two weeks! We took them both shopping to get a few new outfits and school stuff and they got pretty excited about it.

  5. Highlander

    you sounded like you are Fezzani


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